The very funny duo of Key and Peele from Comedy Central did a video depicting President Obama's relationship with the GOP and laid bare the essential truth that the President used the Republican's greed and myopic quest for power against them.  It was stunning and it became a big hit here in the progressive blogsphere.

But for some reason, that video has now been scrubbed from Youtube and from Comedy Central. This is bad.  I have used this video on a number of occasions to blow up the meme that Obama is naive and dumb and has instead outmaneuvered the GOP with their own greed and hubris.

All we have left is a video of the video on a TV.  (you can see it over the croissant.)

Grainy bad video here:  This video has also now gone missing :-(

Now, in the vain of getting them to put the real video back online, what conspiracy could we attribute to this video going missing? Take the poll below...

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Why was this video removed?

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