Ever since Don Pridemore made his disgusting suggestion that victims of spousal abuse can rekindle their marriages if they rediscover why they got married in the first place, people across the nation have been bombarding his Facebook page with comments slamming him for his outrageous stance.  Well, on Friday night I moseyed over there to discover they'd all been deleted.  See for yourself.

About the most benign interpretation for this is that one of Pridemore's interns scrubbed it.  After all, Pridemore's been awfully quiet in the last two weeks, and he hasn't made any posts on his Facebook or Twitter feeds in some time.  So now it's time to call Pridemore's bluff.  Either he apologizes for his grossly insensitive remarks, or he must resign.  

I was part of an emotionally abusive marriage for three years, so Pridemore's comments hit an extremely raw nerve with me.  He actually thinks I could have rediscovered why I married a woman who dropped F-bombs on me all the time, allowed me to be threatened in my own home and goaded her son into beating me up?  Sorry, this can't stand.  Help me tell Pridemore that he must either take back his insults or resign.

Pridemore may think he can get away with such disgusting comments because he represents an insanely Republican district comprising parts of Waukesha and Washington counties northwest of Milwaukee.  Just by eyeballing it, it's at least R+12.  However, that should never be a license to spit in the face of people who have had to endure this ordeal.

If Pridemore has anything left in him, he'll apologize for those statements--and not any of this "sorry if anyone was offended" crapola, either.  Failing that, he needs to resign.  Help me send him that message.

Originally posted to Christian Dem in NC on Mon Mar 26, 2012 at 07:32 AM PDT.

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