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Super high percentages these days.  Tons of wasted lives and wasted potential all over the place.  Isn't that always the way?  Maybe.  But maybe not.  I haven't a clue.  If I have had any past lives, I don't really remember them and if there is some sort of heaven/hell scenario awaiting that might right the wrongs, I am totally not clued in in any way that might set all of this shit that we are seeing in perspective.

I have become philosophical only to the extent that I am coming to the conclusion that the momentum is largely directed towards massive self destruction.  Am I some sort of crazed loon predicting the 2012 Mayan calendar's "end of the world" scenario?  Fuck NO.  I am just saying that people are being stupid, crazed and clueless right now.  But aren't we always?  That's another question to ponder.  The moments when we are not acting like a bunch of idiots or working towards our way to idiocy are far and few between.

So, what's a person who wants to capture and harness those few good and triumphant moments of humanity to do?

Right now I am not at all sure.

I was always pretty confident that the pendulum would swing back during the Bush Era.  I believed that people would eventually see that the extremism of that era was dangerous.  In 2008, I believed not so much in the Obama hope persona as I believed in the large majority of people wanting something better.  I believed in the momentum of their hope for change being powerful enough to not only hold the Democrats and Obama as an entity to their promises, but also to finally start to pressure the Republican Party to get back with the program.  The program as I saw it being "American Democracy" at its best.

But that did not happen.

The "adults" we elected to be in charge opted to coddle the children instead of offering much needed guidance and discipline.  Some weren't adults as it turns out either.

Now, we find ourselves in the midst of a schoolyard fight amongst bullies, wallflowers, technocrats and social misfits.  More than in the midst, as the body politic, we are being used as their fodder for battle.  Human canon balls...

Now what?  What the F do we do?

I can't figure it out.  I'd be happy to give them all a timeout, ground them and make them do chores for their lunch money, but that won't happen.  We don't have that power at this very moment...

Right now, the only thing that I can figure out to do is mercilessly criticize and embarrass them, but I am not even motivated to do that as pretty much none have shown any real sense of remorse or potential for self-reflection.

One party has attacked people like me (women); my friends and people who I do not even know who happen to not be white and Protestant; my government: my country; my livelihood; my American Dream as taught to me in elementary school among other places; my pursuit of happiness; my freedom of religion; my ability to both be self-reliant and to rely on my fellow citizens for support; my ideals; my beliefs about Jesus as an example of a compassionate soul whose life we should attempt to emulate; my sense of right and wrong; my understanding that stealing, lying and cheating are wrong; and my deep belief that people deserve a chance to realize their potential - that if we allow people that opportunity we all "win" - that not wasting lives is the goal because there is great potential in the gamble for all of us if we give people a chance to make their lives count...

The other party promised to bring all of those dreams back to life, but when they were given power, they just compromised any high ground away and pretty much enabled the dream destruction to continue in a "compassionate conservative" sort of way - which is neither compassionate, nor conservative.

So here we all are...

Anyone else wondering what to do?

Personally, I am tired.  They have ALL worn me out.

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