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When I came back onto my computer after the end of Shabbat tonight, I saw about 10 different emails reminding me that the quarter ends at midnight.  I have been meaning for the past few weeks to kick in a little to the Obama campaign, but seeing those tonight finally spurred me to some action.  So, I gave a little money and did my small part.  Hopefully, in the coming months, I'll be able to give some more — both to President Obama and other worthy Democratic candidates.

I know there are some that support President Obama because of the clowns running for the Republican nomination and just how horrid the Republican Party has become.  I understand that.  However, for me, it's not just that.  I support President Obama because of all he has done.  I support him because of his quietly transformative presidency.  I support him because he is the adult in the room.  I support him because of the change he's delivered.

It doesn't matter what the Supreme Court does when it rules on the Affordable Care Act.  Yes, I obviously would like to see them uphold it, but the fact remains he was willing to expend the political capital, and take the risks, to get health care reform done.  It's not a perfect bill.  There's more all of us would like to see done.  But the fact remains he has done what no other Democratic president has managed to do.  He got health care reform passed because, in the end, he knows that his job is to get things done for the American people even if there are temporary political consequences.

Of course it's not just about the ACA.  It's about the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  It's about the fact that he actually cares about the environment.  It's about student loan reform.  It's about Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal.  It's about ending the war in Iraq.  It's about repairing our relationships in the world.  It's about the fact that GM is alive and bin Laden is dead.  When it comes to implementation of policy, Barack Obama is the most successful Democratic president since Lyndon Baines Johnson.

There is much work left before us.  We see what the Republicans will do, given the opportunity.  They will end Medicare.  They will destroy the social safety net.  They will create a "You're On Your Own" society where if you fall on hard times there is no one there to catch you and you will not know if the water you drink is clean, the quality of the food you eat and whether the air you breathe is clean.

So, if you can, donate a little bit to President Obama and other worthy Democratic candidates.  The Republicans have their millionaires and billionaires ready to fund them.  We need to combat them.  Remember, President Obama is only as great, and as effective, as we give him the opportunity to be.  That's why we need to give him a Democratic Congress when he starts his second term next January.

And don't forget to follow two proudly pro-Democratic and pro-Obama groups here:

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