after reading your wonderful kind comments two days ago, i wanted to share that tee is still with us - he is very weak but contented.  he is in no pain and does not want to leave the home he has had for ten years.  should the situation change, we have plans in place to have him move on here at home.  

i would like to share a bit of his journey with you all - and, rest assured, he has received every one of your hugs, skritches, kisses, healing thoughts, light and love.

OH!  HAI..
oh!  HAI...

while he hasn't been wanting much food, he DID decide to hold onto a piece of toasty buttermilk bread JUST in case he got hungry!


(in case you missed it...he has toast!)


and here he is yesterday with one of his favorite babies that he "found" in the hotel room as we drove across country last year for mom's memorial ...


this is from yesterday as he was (and still is now) surrounded by his "babies"...

but, mostly, though, he is just "seeping" (note the ears on full alert, however, just in case one of his "babies" wanders off...)  the "pink baby" is 64 yrs old - it was my "pink baby" when i was two - now it is his.  he sleeps with it under his head most of the time;


oh, i moved his "juvenile mattress" (5' x 2 1/2') downstairs since he couldn't make the stairs and then brought my own blanket down and we slept side by side.  the first night, we snuggled and when i awoke, i was treated to the traditional samoyed "share" - i had 6" of mattress and he was in the exact epicenter of the bed.  some things never change!

now, i have the doggie beds beside his mattress and i am sleeping on those.  he has awakened me both mornings with nudges and kisses - making the less than soft accommodations melt into sweetness.

today he is farther away - sleeping longer, less awake - but still will open his eyes and listen to the samoyeds we found who howl on youtube - his ears stay on full alert.

i've told him that they are waiting for him on the other side of that bridge leading to the elysian fields, where all chihuahuas LIKE to be picked up and carried around.

and, he wanted me to let you know that while he loved living with me, i still made him "work" for his dinner - he had to scrub the pans!  oh! the exquisite torture!

he is a good "blue dog" who deserves your love to help carry him across that bridge to meet all those wonderful pooties, woozles, ponies, feathered and furred friends from the great orange land who have gone on before!  they will all have much to talk about when they get together - about how their humans seemed stuck on that little box that made them so mad at times and how we should be more like them and just smell the flowers (then "water" them!)

tee car ride smilin

i hope you will find as much comfort in these pictures as i do - and that you will learn from sharing his gentle journey, as well.  life is temporary - it is the love in between the beginning and the second "beginning" that matter.

and tee and i send you all love back with all our hearts!  now, back to my boy...  

tee kiss amy pic

4:03 PM PT: [UPDATED to apologize!  i wanted to go back and rec all of your kind words in my first diary but the ability to rec is gone - i am so sorry - but please know that i have read every word and hold them close to my heart!  tee and i love you all!]

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