So here I am, coming home from voting in our municipal and Primary Election, grabbing some groceries, and catching up on news I might have missed and then .............

Watch the video:

Yes that's Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan at Cousins Subs in Waukesha (according to Ice Blue in the comments it's being reported that it happened in Waukesha and I have subsequently confirmed that) handing out subs in exchange for votes.  The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has filed a complaint with the overseers of elections here, the Government Accountability Board.

In the bribery video, Romney clearly exclaims, "So bring your friends to the polls, get out and vote and if you want another sandwich, there are more back there," gesturing to where he and Ryan were handing out the bribes of varying meats, dressings and bread choices the voters could choose from.
If you're interested, there's a pdf file of the complaint.

We put up with the "shots for your signature" stuff during the failed Republican attempts to recall Democrats and now we have subs for votes?  Jeebus!  Have they no sense of shame?

Romney is already outspending his closest rival 50:1, but that's apparantly not enough.  Mitt R-Money is probably sick and tired of campaigning and would like the primary to be over.  He hates the Republican costume of jeans and sleeves rolled up non-white shirt he's force to wear while pretending to be a regular guy and would rather count his money rather than shake 1 more hand or face 1 more pesky potential voter.  He wants to lid closed fast on this primary now.  

Poor Paul Ryan wants to be Veep so bad he's like Romneys conjoined twin.  

Elections.  Something to buy according to the GOP.  Shots, subs, doesn't matter.

H/t luvmyprez for the tip.

PS:  Cousins makes awesome subs!

Update:  Still crickets in our local newspaper, but at least one Milwaukee area television station covered the story.

Candidates are discouraged from offering food, beverage or other gift to get someone to vote or to thank them for a vote, GAB spokesperson Reid Magney said.  Magney said while the board does not have all of the facts in this case, candidates run the risk of violating campaign bribery laws.

The charging decision would be likely be up to DA Brad Schimel.

"We have not received any complaint yet," Schimel said in an email.  "I am on vacation and will deal with any formal complaint that comes in when I return.  This has no urgency to it that would require me to act on it while I am on vacation with my family."

Romney state campaign co-chair Ted Kanavas dismissed the complaint.

There is video on that link of the coverage (sorry, couldn't embed it).

Update 2: More coverage and video here.

WISN 12 News received a statement from the Romney campaign, which called the complaint laughable.

"This is a laughable stunt by the Democrats designed to distract from President Obama's disastrous polices that have resulted in record job losses and skyrocketing gas prices. Democrats are willing to do and say anything to avoid a discussion about the president's three years of failure in the White House."

Yeah, right.  Nothing to see here, folks, according to the GOP.  Their response is laughable.

Update 3:  Here's one I could embed from this stations coverage.


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