Oy to the vey, people.

People of faith shouldn't tell atheists to shut the fuck up and that their opinions don't matter as much as peoples' of faith opinions.

Atheists shouldn't call people of faith "mentally ill" or make fun of their "invisible sky fairy" or whatever.

Some believers are Democratic specifically because of their God-lovin' beliefs.

Some atheists are still pretty fuckin' pissed about how they've been treated, especially as children, by believers, particularly Christians.

Believers are upset about the lack of respect afforded them by atheists.

Atheists are upset about the lack of respect afforded them their entire lives by various people of various faiths.

Believers believe this is all about respect. "I don't tell you how to think, so don't tell me how to think" type of think.

Non-believers believe this isn't about respect. "You've been telling me what to believe my entire life, so why the fuck should I care what you think?" type of think.

Some people believe in miracles.

Some people think Ghost Adventures is an awesome ass show.

Many non-believers have thanked sundry believers for being cool in the Believer/Non-Believer Wars™.

Many believers have appreciated the attempts made by more tempered elements of the Dkos atheist community.

Glenn Beck is a fuckin' nutjob douchebag.

There. Did I miss anything?

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