I don't see where anybody here has picked up on this choice news nugget.

In the words of TPM's Josh Marshall, Current TV has gone "thermonuclear" in response to Olbermann's lawsuit:

Current terminated Keith Olbermann last Thursday (announced Friday) for serial, material breaches of his contract, including the failure to show up at work, sabotaging the network and attacking Current and its executives. As the old adage says:  "When the law is on your side, you argue the law.  When the facts are on your side, you argue the facts.  When neither the law nor the facts are on your side, you pound the table.²  We will be happy to engage on the law and the facts in the appropriate forum. It is well established that over his professional career Mr. Olbermann has specialized in pounding the table.  However, Mr. Olbermann, by filing his false and malicious lawsuit, has now put this matter into a legal process where there will be an objective review of the facts. We hope Mr. Olbermann understands that when it comes to the legal process, he is actually required to show up.

Source:  http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/...

Wow!  That really is white-hot.  I wonder if that was drafted by Current's co-owner Joel Hyatt, who made his money in legal services.

Marshall comments on the first page of TPM today:  "You've really got to wonder what either party thinks they're going to get out of this self-inflicted bloodbath."

I dunno.  I think it's a pretty brilliant retort.  Perhaps they want to goad Olbermann into a reckless comment.  But I suspect it means they really think they have him dead to rights on both facts and law.


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