Kayvan Sabehgi?


You may have missed his story, but it is no less terrifying than Scott Olsen's. It took place a week later, on November 2nd, 2011. It happened on the same streets, with a similarly situated victim -- a three-tour veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. It has the same evil doers -- the Oakland Police gone berserk, and it resulted similarly in a near-death injury. It just all happened with much less fanfare, possibly because video of the event did not surface immediately.

Here's a recounting.

...again, for the second time in eight days, an American armed forces veteran lay crumpled on an Oakland sidewalk, severely injured by riot-gear-wearing police officers.

Video of Sabehgi's beating at the hands of an officer from one of OPD's Tango teams -- riot police armed with beanbag-loaded shotguns, flash-bang grenades, and other crowd-control munitions -- surfaced two weeks after November 2, and portrays deliberate aggression by police against an unarmed, unresisting man that rivals the severity of Olsen's head wound...

The savage beating left Sabehgi with a ruptured spleen.

His assailant has at last been identified.

Some time ago we learned who threw the flashbang grenade at Scott Olsen and his rescuers. Later his attorney discovered what Scott was hit in the head with -- a bean bag round (something that that would have had to have been aimed at his head), not a tear gas cannister as many had originally thought.

We learned earlier today that there is enough evidence to arrest George Zimmerman for the murder of Treyon Williams, and that Chancellor Katehi, the UC Davis Administration and the leadership of the UC Davis police force are a bunch of shitwads.

But on this news-filled day another revelation has almost slipped through the cracks. Ali Winston, the same reporter who analyzed the October 25th footage of Scott Olsen's rescue attempt, has published the story of who beat Kayvan nearly to death. One Officer Frank Uu.

Freeze-frames of the video show the officer wearing a backpack emblazoned with "Tango Team." The last two digits of the officer's helmet number, "32," are also clearly visible...

Oakland Police Officer Frank Uu was assigned helmet number 532, according to OPD records...

According to OPD's detail roster from the evening of the general strike, Uu is the only one of the officers assigned to a Tango team on November 2 with a helmet number ending in 32.

I would show you his picture, but that would be unfair. He looks too friendly in the photo in Winston's article; you might just think he isn't the scumbag this and other evidence points to:
During the October 25 raid on Occupy Oakland, Uu was photographed with a shotgun in hand...

Court documents also identify Uu as one of the officers who fired wooden dowels and beanbag rounds during the clash between OPD and antiwar demonstrators in April 2003.

Yup. Trying his best to seriously injure protesters... since 2003.  At least. Shotguns against tents. Wooden dowels again flesh. Ultimately baton against spleen. Will he be disciplined? Indicted? Hahahahahahah. He's gone...
Uu retired from OPD... OPD did not return requests for comment on Uu's retirement or the Sabehgi investigation.
I'm not sure what difference it makes, but Kaveghi wasn't even part of the protests that night.  All he wanted to do is go home and get to sleep.  Instead, he ended up in the emergency room not despite the presence of police in the city, but because of it.
...Sabeghi took part in an Occupy Oakland march to the city's port Wednesday but left when it was over.

"After that, he went out with his friend and had dinner," she said.

... Sabeghi decided to call it a night because he had to work Thursday. He was walking home... when he encountered a line of police at the protest who wouldn't let him through...

Sabeghi is going to get his day in court, or at least at the negotiating table. He (and Olsen) have now begun proceedings against the City of Oakland.
According to Rachel Lederman, a National Lawyers Guild attorney who is part of a legal team helping Sabeghi, a tort claim has been filed and a full civil suit is in the works.
The last thing Oakland, a cash-strapped city, needs is more millions of dollars in lawsuit liability. And more policemen "retiring early" collecting pensions while the City is forced to train another set of officers. You would think elected and appointed officials of the City would understand that.  But they are apparently beyond the reach of reason, or perhaps have given up hope of ever reigning in a police force which operates as if it controls them, rather than the other way around.

And so there will be more Kayvans and Scotts. There will more people shot in the back "trying to escape." More people falsely accused and more people killed unnecessarily as a rogue force does what it does best -- flout the law, the Constitution, and civilization.

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