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Well, this should no doubt be a lovely evening:

Romney, wife of presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, will be the star of a swing state fundraiser Monday in Northern Virginia.

About 150 people are expected at the women-only event hosted by Marlene Malek, wife of Republican fundraiser Fred Malek, and philanthropist Catherine Reynolds. The sold-out event will take place at the Maleks’ home in McLean, which boasts one of the top zip codes in the nation for political donations.

Yes indeedy, that's the home of the same Fred Malek who was fined for ripping off Connecticut state pension funds, who was Tricky Dicky's "Jew Counter", who also was one of Sarah Palin's top defenders, and - as if all that's not horrible enough - enjoyed a bit of dog killing and barbecuing in his younger days (what is it with the Romney campaign and abusing "man's best friend," anyway?). I'm afraid to ask what they'll be serving at the fundraiser on Monday, but some advice: if you live in McLean, you might want to keep a close eye on Fido the next few days. Just sayin'...

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