Majestic Defiant Rocket Shames Free World

In a stunning blow to democracy worldwide, North Korea proudly announced the overwhelmingly successful launch this morning of its much maligned Irsenovic II from the Soehae launching site near North Korea’s western border with China, about 7:40 a.m.
The rocket, which was conceived of entirely by Kim Jung-il during his first golf outing in March of 2004, lifted off without incident and within full view of an international press corps.

The rockets payload includes a satellite specifically designed to mimic the approximate weight and shape of a nuclear warhead, which North Korea no longer produces.

The freely elected government of North Korea had initially been reluctant to undertake the expensive task of developing a viable space program/weapons delivery system, but has since bowed to pressure from its patriotic farming community.

Today, farmers across the bountiful land of North Korea are celebrating the success of their beseechments to a previously hesitant government.

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