Welcome, Googlers! Thank you for Googling about Romney being a locust capitalist! We thought you might have forgotten that! But you didn't! Aren't you glad you know that Mitt Romney is a locust capitalist? Mitt Romney sure wants you to know he's a locust capitalist. He must want you to know he's a locust capitalist, because the only reason a locust capitalist who made his fortune closing factories would have a campaign event at a closed factory is that he wants you to remember that he's a locust capitalist who made millions and millions of dollars by putting people out of work and closing the factories where they worked.

Well, I'm glad we got the explanations out of the way, because it just so happens that today, Mitt Romney held a campaign event at a closed factory—the idea being that he'd blame President Obama's economic policies for the closure.

Problem 1, identified by CNN's Jim Acosta, via Twitter:

Romney OH event site is a factory that closed when Bush was in WH. Yet Obama isn't working banner on scene. http://pic.twitter.com/...
Problem 2: The plant was formerly a National Gypsum Co. installation. The National Gypsum CEO, Thomas Nelson, appears to be a big Republican and Romney donor. Which means a prominent Romney supporter decided to close the plant (during the Bush administration), and then invite Romney to come to the site and blame the decision on Obama.

And of course, there's Problem 3: If you're already nationally infamous for having made your multi-million dollar fortune from pocketing the payroll and pensions of workers whose factories you acquired and then closed, should you really be having campaign events at closed factories at all? Why not have one in a car elevator, while you're at it?

I tell ya, it's like an early birthday gift or something.

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