"What do Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama have in common?"
Think about it. Did you get it?? The answer's below:
Guns, Paranoia and Obama Assassination Jokes: Inside the NRA's Annual Convention

Burke is a loud and boastful retired lance corporal who displays a photo of himself with NRA Executive Vice President & CEO Wayne LaPierre on his professional website. The only thing he abhors more than gun control is silence.
When a conversation about former New York Governor George Pataki's pro-gun record entered a lull, he asked the group what sounded like an American history riddle or piece of trivia: "What do Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama have in common?"

The collective intelligence of the minibus was stumped. After a few beats, he delivered the answer: "Nothing. Yet."

I couldn't even read the rest of the article.

WE get called on the carpet by some on dkos for just saying FUCK or criticizing GOP catholics, guns, war and yet people of 'priviledge' are allowed to convene and banter about assassination.. and so many people support the NRA and what THEY represent.

I hope the Secret Service visits that Burke asshole.

No wonder there has been an increase of Homeland Security Spying. Our POTUS is a hunted man and so many, even here, seem to scoff it off.

Where is the outrage from those GOOD GOP xtians, gun owners and people??

I'm beginning to believe They don't exist! I think they are "ALL IN" (The NRA slogan to defeat Obama).

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