Welcome to the third contest of this year's GOP Madness tournament, where we seek to crown the top moment of this year's GOP nomination battle!

Many of you have asked, what standard to use when picking these moments? The funniest, the craziest, the most hateful? The answer to that question is "yes."

Here's the bracket so far. Today's contestants:

1. Newt groomed by Callista.

Oops. Wrong clip. I meant this one:

An asinine moment for an asinine candidate and shallow third spouse. As if any amount of grooming could ever make Newt Gingrich look attractive or presidential, or convince anyone that his prime motivation was ever anything more than to sell a few more books.

2. Mitt Romney speaks to empty Ford Field

Romney was scheduled to give a big economic policy speech to the Detroit Economic Club, and that was too complicated for their logistics team to handle. Because rather than find a nice cozy venue for the club's 1,200 members (Detroit has them), they ended up, well, here:

Ford Field
The speech was a dud, of course. Something about tax cuts for Mitt Romney's friends. But for a campaign struggling to generate a feeling of excitement, they managed to do the absolute opposite.
Mitt Romney at Ford Field
And really, they shouldn't have worried about looking for space for the club's 1,200 members. Too many of them didn't bother to show:
empty seats at Mitt Romney Ford Field speech
Note, this was the THIRD attempt to make Romney's speech appear more packed than it was.
They scrapped three earlier plans: one to have Romney stand in the end zone, speaking up to guests seated in the stands; another to have him on the sidelines near midfield, speaking to guests seated in the stadium's middle sections, and an initial plan to hold the event at the Westin Book Cadillac, which quickly became oversold.

Steve Grigorian, chief operating officer for the Economic Club, said the two earlier Ford Field plans were changed because camera angles would have made it appear there was no one in the stadium but Romney.

Mission not accomplished.


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