Short diary, but I was worried that this little tidbit might slip under the radar of those of us following the Bee Colony Collapse epidemic.

Blamed for Bee Collapse, Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm

Now, it appears that Monsanto bought Beelogics in September of 2011, before the possible connections between GM crops and CCD really started getting major attention. I'm hesitant to post pieces of the article here, as the writer on that site clearly has a bias against Monsanto and framed the entire article around that bias.

Given the timing of this, I can only imagine two reasons that Monsanto would scoop up this firm:

Positive: Monsanto wants the company to use it's expertise to help remove any harmful elements of their existing and future products in an effort to reduce any possible link between their products and Colony Collapse Disorder.

Negative: Monsanto wants to dismantle or control a company that might have been working to discover if there was any connection between Monsanto products and CCD, thus muzzling the experts and killing any investigation.
I think I have an idea of where most people on this site will come down on, but I just figured I would toss out both reasons I could think of. The decision on how to take this news is completely up to you. In fact, let's have a poll!


Why did Monsanto buy out Beelogics?

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