As Joan McCarter mentioned yesterday, the House of Representatives plans to vote on CISPA, yet another Internet-breaking bill that's loved by AT&T & the NSA and rightly excoriated by the ACLU & the EFF, on Thursday this week.

Tell them here & here what you think of Mike Rogers' latest attempt to destroy your right to free speech & privacy online in the name of "cyberwar".

Meanwhile, as with SOPA & PIPA, opposition is mounting not only from real cybersecurity experts, a group of whom have sent a letter to Congress explaining how many things are wrong with the Rogers bill from their professional perspective, but — even for this distinctly Republican-cosponsored bill — from a number of sources from their "side of the aisle", including Free Market Coalition (which includes Dick Armey's FreedomWorks) & even far-right demagogue Ron Paul (though, as with SOPA, the degree to which he understands the tech issues remains unclear).

Hopefully, this increasingly bipartisan opposition to CISPA will help consolidate a large enough Team No, or perhaps encourage the leadership to delay the vote in favor of more discussion of the bill's disastrous impact.

In the meantime, keep calling, writing, & e-mailing Congress to make sure that YOUR voice is heard on the future of the Internet.

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