Ivan E. Coyote was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.  She began her career as a storyteller in 1992.  As a member of the collaborative Taste This, she was instrumental in the publication of Boys Like Her.  Working with Arsenal Pulp Press, Ivan has published 6 books since 2000:  Close to Spider Man (2000), One Man's Trash (2002), Loose End (2005), the novel Bow Grip (2006), The Slow Fix (2008) and Missed Her (2010).

We are carrying contraband words with us, memorized, tucked away in tattered journals and stored magically on disks in Anna's left pocket. Canadian words, queer words that we spoke on-stage for money in the land of the brave. With no valid permit, license, visa or contract to do so. Felons, really, all of us, and now we intended to flee the scene without paying income tax on the twelve dollars and fifty American cents we each made. It's just this kind of shameless law-breaking that gives all poets a bad name.

--Ivan Elizabeth Coyote, Boys Like Her

By the way, I refer to Ivan as "she" because she does.  She identifies as butch.

I am, among other things, a proud butch. I will never believe that gender is a choice between two boxes.  Do not use my words and reality and truth against my own people; I will not have it.  Trans men and women are my family, and you know how I feel about my family.
She has a new book due to be released in September:  One in Every Crowd, which the author describes as tales of "those who are boys with girls inside and girls with boys inside".  It is her first book aimed at GLBT youth.
Ivan E. Coyote's wry, honest stories about gender and identity have captivated audiences everywhere. Ivan's eighth book is her first for LGBT youth, written for anyone who has ever felt different or alone in their struggles to be true to themselves. Included are stories about Ivan's tomboy youth and her adult life, where she experiences cruelty and kindness in unexpected places.
Funny, inspiring, and full of heart, One in Every Crowd is about embracing and celebrating difference and feeling comfortable in one's own skin.
The Vancouver Sun has written a review of sorts…if the book hasn't been released yet, isn't it more of a preview?  And the article also announces the launch party, which will be at WISE Hall at 7:30pm on Thursday and will include a talent show featuring LGBTQ youth..

You can find samples of Ivan's writing at Xtra!, where she used to be a columnist.

Or you could watch videos of some of her stories:

So the Story Goes

To all the kick ass, beautiful femmes out there…
It turns out, I was a swan the whole time.

Judging the Book
I'm going to pray that my son turns out just like you.
Ivan is on Facebook as Ivan Ivanovich.  There is also a Facebook page for the Book Launch and LGBTQ Youth Talent Show.

The other book I would like to draw your attention to is Kate Bornstein's Queer and Pleasant Danger.

A stunningly original memoir of a nice Jewish boy who joined the Church of Scientology and left twelve years later, ultimately transitioning to a woman. A few years later, she stopped calling herself a woman and became famous as a gender outlaw. 

Kate Bornstein—gender theorist, performance artist, author—is set to change lives with her compelling memoir. Wickedly funny and disarmingly honest, this is Bornstein's most intimate book yet, encompassing her early childhood and adolescence, college at Brown, a life in the theater, three marriages and fatherhood, the Scientology hierarchy, transsexual life, LGBTQ politics, and life on the road as a sought-after speaker.

Q&PD is due to be released on Tuesday, May 1.

Jay Michaelson has a review at Religion Dispatches.

If Kate Bornstein didn't exist, we would have to invent her.  But luckily for queers, straights, gender outlaws, and general readers, Bornstein is out and out there.

--Dan Savage

Kate Bornstein's journey from moon-eyed Scientologist to queer icon is harrowing, heartbreaking and amazing.

--Jennifer Finney Boylan

There is also a film in production by Sam Feder.
There is really one thing you really don't want to be…and that's me.
Kate's blog is here.

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