Mitt Romney seems to think that saying "even Jimmy Carter" is setting the bar so low that jumping over is no big feat.  Im here to set the record straight and show that Mitt Romney isnt fit to clean President Carters socks.  

First, lets get one thing straight - its either "President Carter" or "Former President Carter."  Its called respect.  Respect that is earned, not bought.  I know that's a tough concept for some but "even" President Bush the younger respects his fellow Presidents because he understands what it means.

President Carter is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, class of '46.  That means he went in in '42 and was probably spared a short life expectancy by the Manhattan Project.  Mitt Romney was spared going to Vietnam by deferrals until he got a high enough draft number.  When the nation called, President Carter answered "send me."  Mitt let the phone ring.

President Carter left the service and took over his family farm when his father died.  He was later elected to the state Senate in Georgia and then Governor.  

This is from the Carter Center website - I cant put it any better:
Jimmy Carter served as president from Jan. 20, 1977, to Jan. 20, 1981. Significant foreign policy accomplishments of his administration included the Panama Canal treaties, the Camp David Accords, the treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel, the SALT II treaty with the Soviet Union, and the establishment of U.S. diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China. He championed human rights throughout the world. On the domestic side, the administration's achievements included a comprehensive energy program conducted by a new Department of Energy; deregulation in energy, transportation, communications, and finance; major educational programs under a new Department of Education; and major environmental protection legislation, including the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.

All he managed to do in 4 years was end war between Israel and its neighbors, reshape our relationship with China and create the conditions for the explosion in inexpensive air travel and telecommunications.  Not talked about on the Carter Center list of accomplishments, President Carter also deregulated the beer industry and made it possible for micro brews in the US.  If you drink Sam Adams, Fat Tire, Laughing Lab, DogFishHead or any local brew, thank President Carter.

On 25 April 1980 President Carter informed the nation of the failed attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran.  As Commander In Chief, he took full responsibility.  Of course we know now that the true issues that doomed Desert One lead to the creation of Special Operations Command - USSOCOM - the very same command that pulled off the Bin Laden take down.  Months earlier, 6 Americans had been rescued.  At the time it was believed the Canadian government was solely responsible but President Carter knew the CIA was behind their release.  Despite the positive impact the release of the information would have had on his political fate, he never said anything until the US Government declassified the operation in 1997.

Since leaving office he has:

Engaged in conflict mediation in Ethiopia and Eritrea (1989), North Korea (1994), Liberia (1994), Haiti (1994), Bosnia (1994), Sudan (1995), the Great Lakes region of Africa (1995-96), Sudan and Uganda (1999), Venezuela (2002-2003), Nepal (2004-2008), and Ecuador and Colombia (2008).

Built homes for the poor with Habitat for Humanity.

Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Nobel Prize for Peace and 47 other major awards.

Written more than 20 books on subjects ranging from politics, peace and faith.

In 1998, the US Navy named the last Seawolf-class submarine for President Carter - the only President to ever be a rated nuclear submariner. It became one of the first US Navy vessels to be named for a person living at the time of naming and the first time a living President had a ship named for him.  This incidentally caused the Regan people to go nuts and demand an aircraft carrier be named after him.  Like the man it is named after, the USS Jimmy Carter does a very quiet job very quietly and for those in the know, it is seen as an invaluable asset.  

While in office, the folks who ran the Presidents blind trust took advantage of both parts - blind and trust - and he returned to Georgia to find a million dollar debt and a shattered business.  He paid one and fixed the other through hard work that created jobs.  I know some people believe only Republicans create jobs but they are wrong, so so wrong.

So Former Governor Romney, when it comes to achievements and making tough calls, you are not even in the same zip code as President Carter.  Its not that you havent walked a mile in his shoes, you would have to travel for years to get to the store where you would wait for shoes small enough for your underachieving feet to fit into.  

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