It's been a banner week for insane, ranting, homophobic pastors and weirdos. From forcing and then gloating over the resignation of Romney's foreign policy spokesman, to Sean Harris telling parents to "Smack the gay out," to a DJ telling a father to have a friend "rape his daughter straight"...my skin has crawled, my eyes have goggled, and my hair has stood on end at the words these loonies have spewed.

WTF??? And on a personal note, when I tweeted a picture of my son (he's almost 12) leading our UAWOW march last Saturday, some asshole sent me a tweet that said, "Better get him into sports before he turns into a fruit." Fucker. As far as I know, my son is straight, but if he isn't, I DON'T CARE. He's my CHILD.

So, it's time for another chapter in the Book of Fallopians.

Bryan Fischer, a pompous teabagger and self-proclaimed homophobe, pridefully took the credit for Ric Grenell's resignation. While this might be construed as a win for the left, since Grenell is by all accounts absolutely brilliant, it is frightening that Mitt Romney can't even stand up to a crazed homophobic loon. Faced with an actual terrorist, Mitt would probably wet his pants. Or ask Ann to report on what the terrorists really want.

Here's some of Bryan Fischer's crackpot demagoguery:

The AFA's issues director, Bryan Fischer, has alleged that gays caused the Holocaust - and are planning on doing it again; that gays should be banned from holding public office; that homosexuality should be criminalized; that foreign Muslims should either be exterminated or forced to convert to Christianity; that American Muslims should be deported; that there should be a permanent ban on mosque construction in the United States; and that Muslims should be prohibited from serving in the armed forces.
taken from this article Folks, do we have another Ted Haggard here? Or a Timothy McVeigh? Little of both? This man should be in a room with rubber walls.

Sean Harris, a truly scary crazed homophobe in North Carolina, can be heard here. Disgusting, and another example of extreme ignorance and stupidity. Being gay is not something a parent can smack out of a child. Or should. WTF is wrong with these people? Love between a parent and child should be unconditional.

I can't even link to the sickening asshole DJ who suggested a father...uggghhh...a friend....ugggh...his daughter who might be gay. What was even more revolting was a poll that I saw. Over 80% of listeners wanted him BACK on the air. This country is in the crapper if these people are a representation of the GOP base.

Thou shalt not spew vileness in the name of God, for it is an abomination to Him and you will rot in Hell. Fallopians 8:23 (TM)

If thou rants against homosexuals, thou must wonder why thou thought the young man in the coffee shop was cute. Fallopians 9:12 (TM)

If God created Man in his image, that explains why many gay men are better-looking than you. Accept that. Fallopians 7:16 (TM)

If thy daughter lieth with a woman, Rejoice! For she will not need an abortion. Fallopians 6:12 (TM)

 If thy son lieth with a man, Rejoice! For he is not fornicating with sluts. Fallopians 9:14 (TM)

If God speaks to you and tells you crazy things, it's not Him. It's you. You are crazy. Go forth and seek a lobotomy. Fallopians 8:25 (TM)

God said, "Love thy neighbor." He did not say, "But not if they are Democrats, gay, or black, or brown." Get over it and start loving thy neighbor. Fallopians 10:24 (TM)

If thou advocates that parents commit violence upon their children, thou art despicable and shall be reviled forevermore by those that are sane. Fallopians 8:34 (TM)

If a comely man gives thee a swelling in thy pants, thou shalt not rant from the pulpit against him, but face thy own desires. And admit them to thy parishioners. If they stone thee to death, it is thy own fault for thy teachings. Fallopians 12:14 (TM)

Thou shalt love thy children with a full heart, for they are a gift (NB) and thou art blessed. God gave them their nature, so thou should be thankful. Fallopians 7:45

NB--Not a snarky Frothy/St. Torum reference

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