We all know that there are bad faith judges, police and prosecutors who are willfully blind to the bad faith acts of their friends, relatives and campaign donating hordes. Unless someone is watching, the Chief of Police is unlikely to arrest the drunk driving judge.

The question is, how far does cronyism and corruption bad faith acts travel up our system of justice bad faith ladders? According to then Attorney General (pic right by Cage Skidmore Wikipedia) of the United States, John Ashcroft. He penned that corruption goes all the way to the top where he wrote this to the Hague Global Forum on Corruption;

"Bankruptcy court corruption is not just a matter of bankruptcy trustees in collusion with corrupt bankruptcy judges. The corruption is supported, and justice hindered by high ranking officials in the United States Trustee Program --".
emphasis added

Defending Organized Crime

      You cannot tackle tyranny, cronyism and corruption in our legal systems, without incurring the wrath of nearly every lawyer on the block. They will argue that a judge said this, or a court said that or the police did not arrest anyone; thus no crimes could have occured - CorrecT?
       If some attorney robs a bank, right in front of the resturaunt where the Chief of Police is eating with the head prosecutor and the Chief Justice - and they say - it was just a "conflict of interest" issue. That their lawyer  friend who practiced before them for a decade just became a disgruntled person denied his rights to possess his "due process" portion of the American Dream.

Crony (good ole boy) Logic arguments that robbery is not "really" a crime.

         After all, the wayward attorney is really a good guy. His cousin runs the local newspaper that backed the Chief of Police's campaigns and both the wayward attorney and the Chief of Police helped get the Judge appointed who just so happens to be the great uncle twice removed of the prosecutor. Plus, the wayward attorney wants to give half to Citizens United Super Pacs; he's "their" type of player. Thus, who cares what he "misappropriated" in his single aberrant act of waywardness. No one really cares - Right?

                            Unless you are the victim who lost your life savings

         Thus, if you are important enough, wealthy enough or powerful enough,

Banks & MERS lie under oath and forge paperworks in court

        We have banks and MERS lying under oath tens of thousands of times, on millions and billions of dollars of homes with a multi level scheme that can still cause the collapse of our entire American economy - if not handled correctly. Yet, they are not investigated or arrested. Instead they are "Bailed Out". As Matt Taibbi states in his very apropos article that is nicely & aptly titled "Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail" - where Taibbi states;

At least Bank of America got its name right. The ultimate Too Big to Fail bank really is America, a hypergluttonous ward of the state whose limitless fraud and criminal conspiracies we'll all be paying for until the end of time.
        Here's one issue that even Matt Taibbi has not written about - Yet. It seems that judges have a serious "conflict of interest" issue when it comes to Banks and the Securitization of mortgages. Their retirements depend on making sure the banks do not lose monies.

Prosecutions of Martha Stewart, Barry Bonds & Roger Clemens

       Now lawyers can lie under oath, Notaries can forged notary papers so that they can drive a BMW or Mercedes, but if you are John/ Jane Doe or even an individual like Martha Stewart, Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens, don't you dare lie verbally to a federal agent or Washington panel - that is PERJURY - and you WILL be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Nationally publicized LAW.

        Martha Stewart lied to federal investigators about making money on inside information for saving her investment, when she learned it might go wrong. The real crime is the guy who told her. How would anyone react? You would pull back your investment. She had bad legal advice and she have Never said a word, much less lied.

       Barry Bonds was convicted for lying too. Actually, it was not even lying that he was convicted for. They wanted to thump him so bad, they convicted him of an "evasive" answer to federal authorities. Meanwhile Roger Clemens 2nd trial continues. His 2011 trial was halted and a mistrial declared, due to prosecutorial misconduct. They can get more than 1 chance, even when they do wrong. But Bonds & Clemens must pay the piper on cases that were obviously only brought forward because of how important they were.

Trustee argues that false statements are Not Lies under oath

         Bad faith is bad faith, crimes are crimes and lying under oath is - - ? As a Trustee in the federal case of Walker v Walden argued, that her false testimony is not "necessarily" a lie. Good ole boys (and girls) are not suppose to prosecute each other for Perjury (lying under oath).

         In this case (In re: James Walker 515 F.3d 1204 (11th Cir. 2008)) - it was noted by the 11th Circuit, that Fraud on the Court had transpired by the Creditor's Trustee testifying falsely. But there is a reason that was not reported by the main stream press. This particular Trustee was NOT an attorney at Law - therefore she was fair game. The 11th Circuit stated the obvious (as noted at Fraud on the Court Blogspot) that;

"Lying under oath is lying under oath.”

         Of course lying under oath is Lying Under Oath. But, when you are an attorney at Law, they circle the wagons to protect one of their own - as protecting the whole profession against any and ALL assaults by those who are not attorneys at law. You and I, or Stewart, Bonds, Clemens, will go to jail for it. But, if you are Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Bain or their attorneys - then it gets cloudy. Lying is not necessarily a really bad thing and stealing from your client to help your other secret clients - Well - that's just a "conflict of interest". It is really No big deal -

            Unless you are the victim of conflict of interest robbery

AG Ashcroft denotes that US Trustee's and Judges PUNISH victims

         The entire crux of this Diary is the fact that there ARE corrupt judges and corrupt Department of Justice officials (United States TRustee's in particular) - who engage in bad faith acts for the sake of Organized Crime. When Laser Haas says such, it is really of little consequence. When AG Ashcroft says the same thing - vindication does not get any better.

          Here is the exact quote from the Testimony of Francis C. P. Knize as denoted to the public comments on the RULES GOVERNING JUDICIAL CONDUCT. Where it quotes the Attorney General John Ashcroft's remarks to the Hague Global Forum on Corruption verbatim;

Bankruptcy court corruption is not just a matter of bankruptcy trustees in collusion with corrupt bankruptcy judges. The corruption is supported, and justice hindered by high ranking officials in the United States Trustee Program. The corruption has advanced to punishing any and all who mention the criminal acts of trustees and organized crime operating through the United States Bankruptcy Courts. As though greed is not enough, the trustees, in collusion with others, intentionally go forth to destroy lives. Exemptions provided by law are denied debtors. Cases are intentionally, and unreasonably kept open for years. Parties in cases are sanctioned to discourage them from pursuing justice. Contempt of court powers are misused to coerce litigants into agreeing with extortion demands. This does not ensure integrity and restore public confidence.
 The American public,
                       victimized and held hostage
                                        by bankruptcy court corruption,
                                                           have no where to turn

        Now, can this really be emphasized enough? The Attorney General of the United States of America, has gone on the public record as stating that there are:

  • corrupt bankruptcy judges
  • bankruptcy trustees in collusion with corrupt bankruptcy judges
  • justice hindered by high ranking officials in the United States Trustee Program
  • The corruption has advanced to punishing any and all who mention the criminal acts
  • organized crime operating through the United States Bankruptcy Courts
  • [U.S.] trustees, in collusion with others, intentionally go forth to destroy lives.
  • Cases are intentionally, and unreasonably kept open for years.
  • Parties in cases are sanctioned to discourage them from pursuing justice.
  • Contempt of court powers are misused to coerce litigants
  • [Corrupt's] coerce litigants into agreeing with extortion demands
  • American public, victimized and held hostage by bankruptcy court corruption,
  • held hostage by bankruptcy court corruption, have no where to turn

Organized Crimes within our federal systems of justice

         It is undeniable that bad faith acts can transpire. We are not saying the systems are corrupt. We are pointing out that PEOPLE are corrupt within the system. Thus there  exists irrefutable evidences that there are rogue elements operating within our federal systems of justice. We must purge ourselves of this assault upon the Constitution of the United States by the very people We, U.S. "pays" with tax payer dollars, to defend us from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

          A 5th Circuit United States Court of Appeals Justice [Honorable Edith Jones] - who spoke at a Harvard Law School seminar advisary said;

Having lost sight of the moral and religious foundations of the rule of law, we are vulnerable to the destruction of our freedom, our equality before the law and our self-respect.

Rachel Maddow & America Legal System is Corrupt Beyond Recognition
         If "they" are willing to be willfully blind or are not up to the task [inept]. Permitting the integrity of our judicial processes to become corrupt. We must rectify those issues. There is too much at stake here. Judge Edith Jones is the person who said that the "American Legal Systems is Corrupt Beyond Recognition" and Rachel Maddow shows us how they put to work the babbling Bull [c]hit GOP way of doing things to destroy democracy. Where, in Michigan, elected officials are disgarded by a GOP Law that voids the democratic process of voting.

        As seen in this Youtube video of Rachel Maddow points out that though they have enough votes to stop this corruption of the democratic process, the Republicans stopped the vote/ petitions - because the "font" on the petition is too small (dimple chads anyone). As she notes 1 minute into this video;


AG Ashcroft Gets $38 to $52 Million Dollar payday
[BRIBE] from New Jersey US Attorney Chris Christie

         John Ashcroft is the one who said that there ARE corrupt federal judges in COLLUSION with Corrupt HIGH ranking members of the United States Trustee Department. That is noteworthy, being that the US Trustee's are part of the Department of Justice and AG Ashcroft was able to pick who is the Dept of Justice Deputy Director of the Executive Office of United States Trustees (EOUST) in Washington DC. Thus, AG Ashcroft was indicting his own organization.

       We reached out to everyone and their brother that we could, Senators, Congressman, the FBI and so many federal agencies, it would make your head swim. There is the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) - in charge of overseeing US Trustee's, federal judges and US Attorneys.

         There's also the OGE (Office of Government Ethics). The Office of Inspector General. Our President's Corporate Fraud Task Force (set up for such issues as Enron, Worldcom etc). Then there's the FBI, SEC and Office of Special Counsel (OSC).

         Surreptitiously, the OSC is the whistle blowers section of our federal government. However, the head of that agency was arrested and plead guilty to destroying case files (see Scott Bloch issue [here]).  In doing the same way of the "good ole boys" network, when Scott Bloch plead guilty to betrayal of his oath of office and the public's trust - he Refused to do even 1 month's jail time.

         Keeping along with that linear way of thinking, the Public Integrity Section (I love the num of "PIS" - so apropos) - the US Attorney special prosecutor of our most esteemed, greatest integrity section of the Department of Justice, upon the release of Senator Ted Stevens and an investigation into prosecutorial corruption - that Special Prosecutor purportedly committed suicide (see Jonathan Turley's blog on the suicide of Nicholas Marsh [here]).

AG Ashcroft Appoints US Trustee Director Lawrence Friedman

      On February 28, 2002, AG Ashcroft appointed Lawrence Friedman as the Department of Justice's Deputy Director of the Executive Office of United States Trustee's (See DOJ US Trustee press release [here]). Prior to that time, we had informed the Dept of Justice in Wilmington DE of the bribes offered to us, to permit bankruptcy crimes to transpire. The United States Attorney in Delaware was Colm Connolly and the DOJ Trial Attorney in charge of the Wilmington DE case of eToys (DE Bankr 01-706 (2002)) was Mark Kenney. They all instructed this layman that a bribe is not a bribe - until I accept the money (Nice Try).

        Thus, when Director Friedman was appointed, I figured we'd give it the old college 1 more try - again. To no avail. That is, until 2004, after I studied the Law on the Dept of Justice's website (which has both the US Attorney's Manual (USAM) and the US Trustee's Manual (USTM)

       Director Lawrence Friedman sent me his very own direct and personal email promise that he would rectify the crimes of some attorneys and that he was on top of my case. This is his email verbatim;

From: Lawrence.A.Friedman@usdoj.gov
Date: 02/25/05 14:49:58
To: ‘laserhaas@msn.com’Cc: Kelly.B.Stapleton@usdoj.gov

RE: Item sent to the record today

Mr.. Haas:

You most assuredly have our attention and my personal commitment that we will act in every case where action is required and we are aware of it.  Please understand however, that like any prosecutor, we must exercise appropriate discretion in carrying out our responsibilities which while sometimes in a particular case may seem unjust, it is done with perspective to ALL matters we handle.  I sympathize with your frustration and again assure you that my staff is extremely competent to handle this matter and will exercise appropriate judgment.

Lawrence A. Friedman, Director
Executive Office for US Trustees
United States Department of Justice
Washington, DC

       Director Friedman appeared to be keeping his previous promises to me. Prior to that email I had discussions with him and his office and we had our Emergency Hearing on the vast frauds and perjuries of lawyers in the eToys case on December 22, 2004.

        On December 22, 2004 Director Friedman appointed a fraud prosecutor (here).

         February 15, 2005 the US Trustee's Motion to Disgorge Lawyers for $1.6 million (here).

        Unfortunately, all that stuff turned out to be Red Herring's. A window dressing to appease the layman Laser Haas and the eToys shareholders who joined him in the quest to stop the criminal acts. Less than 10 days after the Dept of Justice Motion to Disgorge Traub Bonacquist & Fox for $1.6 million dollars, the nefarious Mark Kenney offered Paul Traub and his band of criminal cohorts an illegal settlement where the US Trustee went on the record in a Stipulation to Settle on February 24, 2005 (here). It stated this promise of the US Trustee's that they would QUIT being policeman in this case. Verbatim;

WHEREAS, the United States Trustee shall not seek to compel TBF to make additional disclosures; -
       That is when I emailed and called DOJ EOUST Director Lawrence Friedman and he responded with the email above. His assurances were that "they" were on top of it and it would be handled.

        However, the US Trustee's office only has 2 purposes. To police fraud and monitor professional fees. As they denote on their "about" page;

The United States Trustee Program

The United States Trustee Program is a component of the Department of Justice that seeks to promote the efficiency and protect the integrity of the Federal bankruptcy system.  To further the public interest in the just, speedy and economical resolution of cases filed under the Bankruptcy Code, the Program monitors the conduct of bankruptcy parties and private estate trustees, oversees related administrative functions, and acts to ensure compliance with applicable laws and procedures.  It also identifies and helps investigate bankruptcy fraud and abuse in coordination with United States Attorneys, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other law enforcement agencies.

Laser Haas Evidences forces DOJ Deputy Director Friedman To Resign

       So, how could ANY US Trustee simply go open in the public docket record and state that they would NOT Seek to Compel compliance with the Law? This very act was rather dumb on their part. It alerted me to the fact that they had something more serious they were hiding and I found it right away. Searching around I learned that eToys attorney (MNAT) and the Creditors attorney (Paul Traub) were both working in the Kay Bee Toys case.

        The CEO of Kay Bee had paid himself and Mitt Romney's Bain tens of millions of dollars, right before they filed bankruptcy. MNAT was representing Bain and  - you Won't believe this - Paul Traub was asking for PERMISSION to be the one to prosecute Bain and Michael Glazer (CEO of Kay Bee). But Paul Traub worked for Bain's owner (Romney) and with Michael Glazer in the Stage Stores Bankruptcy case before they took another guy from Stage Stores (Barry Gold) and made him a partner with Paul Traub who then placed him "IllegallY" in as President & CEO of eToys. Where they then GAVE away eToys to Bain Kay Bee for LESS than pennies on the dollar.

       When I reported this $100 million dollar obvious fraud to the EOUST Director

               Lawrence Friedman Quits and Resigns the US Trustee program

                             OF EXECUTIVE OFFICE FOR U.S. TRUSTEES

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Lawrence A. Friedman announced that, effective April 30, 2005, he will resign from his position as Director of the Executive Office for U.S. Trustees to pursue opportunities in the private sector. Friedman took office as Director on March 4, 2002.

US Attorney Chris Christie Greases the Palm of AG Ashcroft

       Now we come full circle. As denoted above, Trustee's do not think lying under oath is in fact Lying Under Oath. Attorneys do Not steal, commit larceny or Rob. Nor do they do acts of Perjury. Rather it is a lapse linguae erroneous remark. They merely engage in "conflicts of interests".

       Keeping along that same mindset, AG Ashcroft did NOT get his palms greased and there was NO "conflict of interest" extra ordinary [or Bribe]- when the former AG of the United States - Ashcroft's firm "The Ashcroft Group"  that was only doing a couple hundred thousand dollars a year in business - received a $52 million dollar No Bid contract from New Jersey US Attorney Chris Christie.

      As noted (here) in New Jersey News (NJ.com);

The deal also proved to be lucrative for Christie's old boss.

Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft was one of five private attorneys that Christie hand-picked to monitor the implant makers. Now Ashcroft's D.C.-based firm is poised to collect more than $52 million in 18 months, among the biggest payouts ever reported for a federal monitor.

       Speciously, this coincidently tied into the very time that one honorable federal agent had informed me that the United States Attorney in Delaware (Colm Connolly) was a partner of the Bain/ Goldman Sachs law firm of MNAT (see Colm Connolly's resume at the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Policy archived website here;


Dept of Justice Shuts Down the Public Corruption Task Force

         Just to show you how far the corruption goes and how far the Dept of Justice bad faith parties will go - to bury any investigation into the crimes readily apparent by Bain, Goldman Sachs and bad faith judges/ US Trustee's on their behalf. When we reported all these facts to the Dept of Justice Public Corruption Task Force.

                                                   They Shut it Down!

         We went right into the United States Attorney's office in Los Angeles California, armed with the truth and public docket records of what is going on in the "real" world. Instead of starting any investigation, much less a prosecution; the US Attorney in Los Angeles (Tom O'Brien) walked into a weekly staff meeting and yelled at everyone. Then he summarily disbanded the Public Corruption Task Force and actually Threatens career Asst US Attorney's to keep their mouths shut or else.  

Please see Los Angeles times story "Shake-up roils federal prosecutors"!

It states;

He [US Attorney O'Brien]explained that the unit's 17 lawyers would be farmed out to other sections in the office and that those types of cases would now be handled by a larger pool of attorneys, instead of by a select few.
-- --

The lawyers described a meeting last week in which an angry O'Brien derided attorneys in the office for working too few hours, filing too few cases and for speaking ill of him to subordinates.

They said O'Brien also threatened to tarnish their reputations if they challenged the official explanation for the unit's dismantling in conversations with reporters. Members of the unit contacted by The Times either spoke on the condition that they not be named or declined to comment. Several said they wanted to talk about the situation but feared reprisals if they did so.


        I don't know about you, but I find it extremely specious that the Public Corruption Task Force is shut down for not finding any public corruption cases to prosecute (PUHlease) - right after they received one of the biggest public corruption cases EVER - dropped with proof overwhelming, profuse and irrefutable (public docket records) - right in their lap.



        Here at Daily Kos, we have the luxury of over 2 BILLION web views. That's nine zeros (000 000 000). On average we get more than 2 million web views per week and have more than 300,000 registered members.

        As a Progressive, Liberal - Democrat web site, one would think that we all want to make sure President Obama wins his relection and Elizabeth Warren is there to help him do the right thing for America.

        With that in mind and the fact that you can see that the former Attorney General of the United States has gone on the public record and stated that we have Corrupt Federal Judges in Collusion with Corrupt High Ranking members of the United States Trustee's office. It is then reasonable to accept a case in point (which - bare in mind - Ashcroft himself neatly avoided detailing.

        It is my contention, documented by vast proofs in the public docket record that those corrupt federal judges and corrupt high ranking members of the Department of Justice's US Trustee's office ARE assisting Bain & Goldman Sachs.

        You would think these proofs of crime and corruption by our undeniable enemies would get much acclaim, discussion and air time. Instead, there are venerates here who go WAY out of their way - to make sure these evidences get buried. They are in fact, helping our enemy Mitt Romney BURY the Truth.

        Unfortunately, however, there are trolls among us from the legal profession. Those who would rather circle the wagons around their profession and assault anyone who points out crimes by attorneys and our federal systems of justice.

       As I am the numero uno pointer outer, they tend to circle the wagons and assault me more than most. That is okay. I am battling a man who is actually in a neck n neck run hoping to be the President of the United States. What is it then, to battle some more bad faith attorneys with veiled agendas.

       Mitt Romney is benefiting from the babbling bull [c]hit you see above. Willful blindness to bad faith acts, tyranny, cronyism and even corruption of our federal systems of justice. There are NO 6 degrees of separation. He has confessed that he gets millions each year from Bain and we can document that Bain is benefiting from federal fraud and CORRUPTION of our federal systems of justice.

       Thus, this qualifier (and that is what AG Ashcroft's written remarks to the Hague Global Forum is). This verification is to the naysayers here. It is that corruption does exist in our federal courts. If corruption does exist - then it is also Fraud on the Court. Any fraud on the court by those who swear an oath to uphold the law, is a crime against U.S. As such, it is both inexplicable and intolerable.

       I am going to document the 100 plus crimes - 1 by one - which have been perpetrated by organized criminals. These criminals include Bain Capital, Paul Traub, the MNAT law firm, the Ropes & Gray law firm, Goldman Sachs and every single Dept of Justice rogue element, along with any willfully blind judges who have assisted them.

       Mitt Romney has STOLEN the GOP nomination right in front of you. As you can see by the Rachel Maddow video, Michigan is going to HELL in a hand basket and taken down Democracy with it. We are fighting for the soul of our country and the integrity of the federal system of justice.

                           Either you are with me - or you are against me -


                            Mitt Romney for President or President Obama!

                                                     It is that simple!

          In truth, I don't mind it when people come out and openly attack me. As anyone can see, they never EVER argue a legal point of fact. They Can't! What they wish to do is hide the truth - by acting as if attorneys are super intelligent. Us layment do not understand the fact that telling falsehoods to a chief justice is not necessarily Perjury. If a crooked judge says Laser Haas loses and Bain/ Goldman Sachs wins. We are to simply accept that as our lot in life and shut the hell up.

           To all those who say that, even the venerated here (Yes YOU) - FUCK YOU!


   What they need to do is kill the messenger and put the message under the rug. Unfortunate for them, one of the King-pins who benefits from sophisticated crimes is exalting the issues to the national stage. Mitt Romney has CORRUPTED the Department of Justice and will most likely never have to do more than give back the money he received from Bain. If that much.

      What do you think will happen to us if Mitt Romney picks his own AG of the US?

                The Attorneys will rejoice - they win either way - but We, the U.S. Loses!


       Here's an interesting tidbit apropos.

       Attorney General Janet Reno endeavored what is known as the Janet Reno Reform Act. A priority she addressed in a Memorandum, was to handle Bankruptcy Fraud. A joint task force of US Attorney's and US Trustee's were assigned to the efforts.

      As noted in the US Trustee Manual Volume 5 (here) - this is what was said;

       "It is imperative that the integrity of the bankruptcy system, an integral component of our national economy, be preserved and enhanced. Debtors who conceal assets, trustees who administer estates to their own improper advantage and "professionals" who run "bankruptcy mills" and other schemes involving the bankruptcy laws all undermine our faith in the integrity of the system"
        One Law that is germane to all the issues here is -18 U.S.C. § 155 Fee Fixing.

          It is illegal for attorneys to conspire in a Scheme to Fix Fees. Paul Traub cannot conspire with MNAT and Barry Gold, especially while lying under oath to do so, in order to make sure they get paid millions of dollars in fees. As it denotes in the US Trustee Manual Volume 5-8.5;


"Whoever, being a party in interest, whether as a debtor, creditor, receiver,
trustee, or representative of any of them, or attorney for any such party in
interest, in any receivership or case under title 11 in any United States court
or under its supervision, knowingly and fraudulently enters into any
agreement, express or implied, with another such party in interest or
attorney for another such party in interest, for the purpose of fixing the fees
or other compensation to be paid to any party in interest or to any attorney
for any party in interest for services rendered in connection therewith, from
the assets of the estate, shall be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned
not more than one year, or both."

There are no reported cases under this section. The intent of the section is
to prevent parties in interest from dividing up the estate outside the control
of the bankruptcy court. The statute requires that the acts be done
knowingly and fraudulently. Failure of a party to make disclosure
statements required under the Bankruptcy Rules would be evidence of such
intent. The definition of parties in interest is extremely broad and essentially
covers anyone involved in any way with a case under title 11.

emphasis added

                           There are NO reported cases under this section!

Originally posted to Citizens Against Tryanny Cronyism & Corruption on Sat May 05, 2012 at 03:10 PM PDT.

Also republished by WeeklyBUG and Whistleblowers Round Table.


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