Check out the Obama campaign's latest ad set to run in 9 swing states:

At least 15 seconds of the 60-second spot — one fourth of it — are devoting to dramatizing events that took place before he took office.

That 15 seconds paints a very lurid picture of the magnitude of the economic mess Obama inherited.

The Plum Line

It begins showing the crash in 2008.  

"2008, an economic meltdown.  'The worst financial collapse since the Great Depression.'  4.4 Million jobs lost.  ...  America's economy spiraling down. ... All before this President took the oath of office.  Some said our best days were behind us, but not him.  [Obama]: 'Don't bet against the American worker.'  He believed in us, fought for us.  And today our auto industry is back firing on all cylinders.  Our greatest enemy brought to justice by our greatest heroes.  Our troops are home from Iraq.  Instead of losing jobs, we're creating them.  [Chart shows 4.2 M jobs created and 26 months of job growth] ...  We're coming back because America's greatness comes from a strong middle class.  Because you don't quit and neither does he."  

I'm all in for the re-election of Barack Obama.

Originally posted to TomP on Mon May 07, 2012 at 06:43 AM PDT.

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