Bipartisan: what a sweet-sounding word.

Dogs and cats, living together.....

A forthcoming amendment to H.R. 5326, a key appropriations bill currently being debated in Congress, will give the House of Representatives an opportunity to rebuke the Obama administration’s rapid fire raids on voter-approved medical marijuana facilities in the states that allow doctors to recommend the drug.

Why do these law-makers hate America? Don't they know Obama is trying to save people and improve our quality of life?


The amendment would, according to Americans for Safe Access (ASA) (pdf!), “prohibit any funds made available to the Department of Justice from being used to prevent the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, or the District of Columbia, from implementing programs authorized by those laws.”
Obama's administration has managed to implement 200-some raids against medical marijuana entities community education events since his election in 2008.

Factually, that is more aggression concern for our well-being against medical marijuana than we saw under The Worst President Ever™.

And note how many states ALREADY have voted medical marijuana into law: It's almost like Americans want marijuana available to people who can benefit from it, but, it is clear, they do not possess the wisdom, intelligence and far-sighted visionary leadership of the US Federal Government.

The US Federal government cares about you, your health, your quality of life. And they know marijuana will ruin all of that and therefore, your precious and limitless tax dollars will be spent without regard to what other good they could be doing, to protect Americans from themselves.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are very confused, believing that medical marijuana is beneficial to them, when it could not possibly be, according to our caring government.

Obama has clearly come out siding with federal law and supporting these raids community health campaigns, so they aren't likely to be too happy about this plan to protect people from raids interfere with the Federal Government's mission to help Americans be less confused about the facts:

The amendment will likely be opposed by the Obama administration, which has historically fought every measure that’s sought to curb federal authority over the states. Whether it even has a shot at passing the House also remains unclear, as many Republicans still refuse to acknowledge marijuana’s usefulness to the medical community.
We will have to hope that Republicans can find it in their souls to pull together with the President to help protect us all from this discouraging amendment, from ourselves....and from the evil of Marijuana.
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