GOP give Colleges Grants Profiting From Charter Schools, but Raise Student Loan Rate and Cut Pell Grants

Hypocrisy, Republican Leaders don’t Mind Charter Schools Sponsored by Universities, Colleges, and Corporations getting Federal Grants and While Profiting from them, but will Raise the Interest Rate on Student Loan and will cut Pell Grant Funding

Republicans are making funding ready and lifting caps for more charter schools for  profit, but, you, the student nothing .

Year after year universities, colloges, and corporations receive grant, but you the student or the parent with a child attending or seeking more schooling after High school  maybe faced with where do you find the money to attend college.   Unlike the corporations and Universities that are profiting off your children they don’t have to worry about Republicans raising the rate on them.  It’s that corporate and rich ideal of Republicans where everyone else pays more and those with more pay less.

While in office, 43rd President George Bush and  a majority Republican Congress made it possible for Universities and Colleges or corporations to receive federal grants while profiting from your child attending their elementary schools to High schools.  Bush’s No Child Left Behind and the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Part B, Sections 502–511 authorizes funding grants for charter schools, in which both calls for extra funding for charter schools such as grants and money from private donors or foundations.

 Besides the millions spent on lobbying according to the list, you will see a college get millions in grants over several years and all the while making millions in profits.


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