I have to tell you:  I think it is far, far worse that Mitt claims not to remember this high school episode of bullying and assault.  And I think we need to drive that point home.

This revelation could have had a very different outcome.  If Mitt were a different person -- compassionate, honest, humane -- he could have blown our minds with his response.

Follow me over the orange croissant for an example.

Imagine if Mitt had responded like this:

Do I remember that day, that event?  Yes, of course I do.  Listen, this isn't going to be easy for me to say, but it needs to be said.  I remember that day as perhaps -- as I hope -- my worst and weakest day on this planet. I could tell you I was young, immature, and arrogant -- that's all true.  But they aren't excuses.  

That was the day I assaulted another person for no reason other than that he was different from me.  I can still remember that night.  The feeling of the scissors in my hands.  Knowing that what I was doing was dead wrong, but actually afraid to stop.  The mixture of pride and disgust that other boys were following my lead, and that this was what I had chosen to lead them into.

Since that day, I have never raised or laid my hand on another person.  I probably over-compensated with my five sons, all of whom were popular in school.  We had a couple of minor episodes, and I told them in no uncertain terms that bullies were cowards, that the brave stood up to bullies and stood up for the weak.

And I will tell you -- and this isn't easy, because my religion is for me a very personal thing -- but ever since the first day I decided to run for public office, I have prayed that I would never abuse the power of leadership as I did that day.

That day was the most shameful of my life, and I have had to own the fact that I was once capable of that kind of terrible act.  And I don't know if I will say this well, but I don't ever want to forget that day, because it has taught me humility and compassion.  

I would worry about myself -- my capacity for leadership, my ability to be a good and trusted fellow person -- if I did not remember that day.

As Laurie Anderson might say, "Close your eyes, and imagine that.  Now, open them!"
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