Hello, my name is Kristen Dexter, and I’m the Democratic candidate running in the upcoming recall election in Wisconsin’s 23rd State Senate District. One week ago, in the Democratic primary, I defeated “fake” Democrat James Engel, who was recruited by the Republican Party to run in the primary, in a landslide (63-37%) election, in which voters overwhelmingly rejected these Republican dirty tricks. Now I am focused on the main event against Republican Terry Moulton on June 5th. The outcome of my recall election will likely determine whether the Democratic Party gains control of the Wisconsin legislature and returns Wisconsin to its once progressive roots or Republican Governor Scott Walker and a Republican legislature are given what they believe is carte blanche to implement their devastating policies that put corporate special interests above those of working class families.

Big business special interest groups are attacking me with $245,000 worth of false and misleading TV ads because of my commitment to shared sacrifice. These Koch fueled groups are taking out of context images from a speech in which I criticized the influence of Koch money in Wisconsin politics, and are instead falsely connecting these images with pork barrel spending and health care. However, we are fighting back by raising money for and running an ad that tells the truth, something that has become rare in Republican politics. You can see our new ad by clicking on the link below.

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However, TV ads will not be enough to defeat Terry Moulton’s big money machine. We will win my election and reclaim Wisconsin with people power. With only 25 days remaining before the recall elections, myself and my team of dedicated volunteers are diligently reaching out to voters throughout my District to explain my commitment to creating an economy that works for both families and businesses and to balancing the budget fairly with big corporations paying their fair share.

A victory in my recall election on June 5th is critical to breaking the 16-16 seat Democratic-Republican deadlock we currently have in the Wisconsin State Senate and reclaiming control of our once proudly progressive state from the hands of Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislature’s extreme right-wing agenda. I’m proud to be a candidate. I’m going to run hard, run fast and run to win. If you would like to be more involved please visit my website:www.dexterforsenate.com/.

Thanks and Forward Wisconsin,


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