Circa 2012, Mitt Romney is a timely reminder of the well worn adage: ‘Once a Carpetbagger always a Carpetbagger’.

Mitt Romney seems to have learned little from his expensive and failed primary attempt to reach the White House in 2008. Undeterred and dreaming of glory, he will be the principal beneficiary of the “Citizen’s United” US Supreme Court decision and the massive flood of corporate political funding it is releasing.

As one who wrote extensively and negatively about the quality of the 2008 GOP primary contestants at the time, I can only conclude that circa 2012, Mitt Romney is a timely reminder of the well worn adage: ‘Once a Carpetbagger always a Carpetbagger’. Proving that nothing from the Republican/Tea Party stock offering, has improved.

Fueled by his egotistically driven “grab for the brass ring”, a Romney presidency in today's uncertain world, could blindly threaten the economic welfare and security of the United States. (Refer Bush/Cheney years). History ignored, is bound to repeat.

Willard Romney, and the world knows him, isn’t just some slick salesman with a spiel. He has enough money and access to enough money to purchase the Presidency, but only if voter apathy allows such a travesty. People should also understand that Romney's limiting and outdated views about womens' rights are influenced by his membership of a so called religious group called the Mormons.  

Mitt Romney's performance to date reflects his failed primary efforts in 2008. And yet in 2012 the presumed GOP presidential candidate continues to be ignorant and a dinosaur when attempting to espouse or interpret US foreign policy. Compounding this embarrassment, he is incapable as a Republican, of producing acceptable policy options to improve the domestic economy, exports, employment opportunities or financial market regulation. The list goes on.

As his Party's candidate of last hope, Mr Romney's well known chameleon like about faces on matters of importance, suggests that he is bereft of any semblance of a backbone or indeed character. And this is a man who wants to be President and leader of the free World?

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