I was recently banned for a comment I made. Here it is:

They do not "give him legitimacy" because he is
black. And white, but most racists do not recognize that. I know some will scream they are not racists and would never hold this president to a different standard. Yeah, sure.
This indicted people I have never met. I know I offended people by implying their criticism was based in racism.  I was wrong.  For that offence, I sincerely apologize.  

To those whom I offended, I offer a real and personal apology for offending them by implying their criticism was based in racism.

The people whose names I know I offended, I will send a personal apology by email.

I realize we have a great deal of work to do reelect the President and all Dems down-ticket.  I will certainly work with all I have to make that possible.

Apologies are odd things. If you have ever wronged someone mightily, you know you can never take back what you said or did. You can only apologize and go forward.  If you have never done that then you are fortunate, because you can never go back in time to not say or do that thing. You are stuck with the statement or deed forever.

Fortunately, this sin is redeemable, or at least I hope it is, and I will work to not repeat it. This apology is sincere, so I hope it is received in that vein. I hope that those whom I offended will accept it and offer forgiveness.

DailyKos means a great deal to me.  It is a place where my voice can be heard.  Places like DailyKos are not all that common on the net, especially to those who are definitely over the hill.  

A thank you for all of you is in order. (I didn't know apology diaries made the rec list.) I am so moved by your warmth in welcoming me back. Thank you so much. And thank you, agnostic, for the flowers. I've never received flowers in a diary before. I am happy to be back.

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