From The Guardian:

Parliament should be prepared to jail a series of former News International executives for some of the most "flagrant" examples of contempt of parliament, the Labour frontbencher Chris Bryant said on Tuesday.

As MPs agreed to refer the executives to the Commons standards watchdog, Bryant said the House of Commons should consider whether to jail or fine the executives.

Bryant, who has played a leading role in exposing illegal practices at News International, was speaking as MPs debated the recent report by the House of Commons culture select committee which accused three News International executives of giving misleading evidence. MPs decided without a vote and after a short debate to refer the committee report to the commons standards and privileges committee.


MP Bryant singled out Les Hinton, former chief executive of News International and oldest best business buddy of Rupert; Tom Crone, the company's ex-business affairs manager, and Colin Myler, former News of the World editor.

This is probably good incentive for these three goons to dime Rupert, IMO.

And from Reuters, a BBC TV host claimed in Leveson testimony today that Piers Morgan showed him how to hack a phone:

LONDON (Reuters) – One of Britain’s most respected journalists said on Wednesday that former tabloid newspaper editor Piers Morgan showed him how to hack into phones 10 years ago, the latest twist in a scandal that has so far centred on Rupert Murdoch.

Morgan, now a CNN talk-show host in the United States, has consistently denied authorising phone hacking during his time as editor of the Daily Mirror.

On Wednesday, the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman told the inquiry that Morgan had boasted to him at a lunch in 2002 about how easy it was to access the voicemail messages of mobile phones.


Apparently during the same conversation, Morgan made reference to details from the life of some UK football star that he intimated were learned from hacking.

Earlier today,p00ka wrote a diary about Morgan's woefully inadequate twitter response to the allegations, here:

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One more recent item, from The Independent:

Tories give Hunt's ex-aide legal advice as he braces for a grilling at Leveson

Jeremy Hunt's former adviser Adam Smith has been given access to government legal aides to help him prepare for his appearance at the Leveson Inquiry.


The Department of Culture said it had offered Mr Smith legal advice on what to expect at the hearing as well as access to departmental documents relating to his time in office. However, it insisted the advice would not extend to "prepping" Mr Smith for his appearance, using trained lawyers to play the role of Lord Leveson and the council for the inquiry, Robert Jay, QC.

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