These are 3 essential books that I feel will help anyone who is passionate about politics and activism.

Many of you have probably read some or all of these. Just thought I would mention it to those who haven't.

I'm sure I missed or failed to mention other great books on the subject, but just figured these choices are good books to point someone in the right direction if they are looking to get more involved in activism or want to learn more.

1. Rules for Radicals - Saul Alinsky

Surely you've heard of "Rules for Radicals". To the right, it's the satanic bible. Saul Alinsky was a man who dedicated his life to helping the poor organize to better their communities. A real scumbag in the eyes of any respectable conservative.

Truth is, it is an effective handbook for how to organize the have-nots to gain power in a world dominated by the haves and the right hates it so much because it works.

They even use these same tactics, but like everything else... it's okay when they do it, it's only wrong when we do.

Hopefully you've already read "Rules for Radicals". If not, drop everything else and do so. You'll be better for it!

2. The Art of War - Sun Tzu

"The Art of War" is another great tactical handbook. It's more aimed at battle strategy and well.....war... but it translates to everyday life beautifully. Besides, politics is war, just of a different nature.

The teachings in this book were used successfully by Vietnam against America in the Vietnam war. By using these tactics and strategies, poor and mostly unarmed villagers defeated the biggest and strongest military superpower in the world. Maybe it Could also be helpful in helping common people take on post-citizen's united, corporate-funded politicians?

If your passionate about strategy and tactics, this is a must-read.

3. Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand

I know, I know... who would want to read this right-wing fairy tale piece of crap Teaparty bible?

You Do!


Because you must KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

To many conservatives, what's contained in this book is what they believe more than the bible. They use the bible to win elections, but this is the book they live by.

To beat the GOP, we must fully understand where they are coming from and what they believe, what their goal and agenda really is.

This book is a long and boring read that you will disagree with and roll your eyes at repeatedly. In my opinion, it is to conservatism what Dianetics is to Scientology. But once you're finished, you will better understand what conservatives think and how to use it against them.


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