Breaking news on the 45 people from Occupy Phoenix who were arrested at Margaret T. Hance park in the early morning hours of October 17th, 2011.  The charges against them for loitering and trespassing were dismissed today by the city of Phoenix court. Here is the following letter sent to this reporter from one of those arrested:

Major Victory in Phoenix today. On the night of October 15, 2011, 45 people were arrested in Phoenix for attempting to peacefully assemble. Backed by a powerful team of pro bono attorneys, 20 of us have firmly pled Not Guilty. Today, on our tenth Court Date, the City of Phoenix filed a Motion to Dismiss. All charges have been dropped for the 20 people who pled Not Guilty. Thanks to all my brothers and sisters who hung in there all these months. Our attorneys told us that rather than doing something for them, that we all go out into the world and do something good for someone else.

Thank you to our ACLU attorneys.  We will go out and do something good for someone ! Long live the First Amendment and long live the United States Constitution !

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