The Koch brothers are spending millions of dollars in Wisconsin right now to help out their puppet, Scott Walker. We don't have the deep pockets or the evil inclinations of the Koch brothers, but we're spending a few thousand dollars in Wisconsin, thanks to the heroic actions of wmspringer, 2laneIA, and people right here in this community to help educate Wisconsin voters just what Scott Walker's deer czar plans to do with public lands.

The ad buy went up on Saturday, the 26th, and it's been running ever since on a daily budget of $300. We've reached exactly 191,346 Facebook users out of the 348,120 users targeted, and we have spent $1,346. Over 3,442 users in Wisconsin clicked on the ads, which you can see below:

And we need your help to keep the Facebook ads going, get radio spots up, and make Youtube videos about the Deer Czar issue.

We Have A New Goal of $2,400

Why do we have a goal of $2,400? We need to keep the Facebook ads running until Monday, and we're planning to go up with radio ads. Can you help donate $20 or more to help us meet our goal?

We Need A Youtube Video About The Deer Czar Issue

Can you help us reach the deer hunting and fishing community in Wisconsin by making a video about the Deer Czar issue? We are looking for a well-designed video that brings attention just to why the Deer Czar and Scott Walker's re-election would be disastrous for those who love outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, and enjoying the beautiful lands and bounty that Wisconsin has to offer. Once we get the video up, then we will put it on the Save WI Deerhunting website, and drive Facebook ads towards it.

To send us a video, please send me a message through KosMail.

We Need A Voiceover For the Radio Ad

The person must be in Wisconsin, and must be an avid deer hunter. We need someone who understands just how awful the Deer Czar is to hunters in Wisconsin, and can educate people well within a 30-second radio spot.

To apply, please send me an e-mail through KosMail.

As always, every donation counts, and goes a long way in helping us in this fight. Please donate $20 dollars or more to help our campaign out.

We're not the Koch Brothers, but we have you as a community to be the voice of the 99% against the 1% special interests in Wisconsin! Please consider helping out by recommending the diary, and spreading the word using social media.

Originally posted to The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party on Wed May 30, 2012 at 03:48 PM PDT.

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