Keith Oblermann of Countdown (the only valid cable news program) showed us again that he is not a GOP Whore last night.  He had a unique focus regarding the history of the filibuster.  Apparently the same Focus on the Family who railed against the filibuster on Justice Sunday strongly supported it in 1993 when used against appointees who were openly gay.  

As a last measure of the defense of the minority, it has had many supporters over the years, like the very people of faith who sponsored yesterday`s Justice Sunday, the group Family Research Council.

Yesterday it was opposed to filibusters.  Seven years ago, it was in favor of them.  That`s when Clinton and a then-Democratic plurality in the Senate wanted a man named James Hormel to become the ambassador to Luxembourg.  Hormel, of the Spam and other meats Hormels, was gay, as the Senate minority bottled up Hormel`s nomination with filibusters and threats of filibusters, minority relative to cloture, to breaking up a filibuster.

They did that for a year and a half.  The Family Research Council`s senior writer, Steven Schwartz, appeared on National Public Radio at the time and explained the value, even the necessity, of the filibuster.

"The Senate," he said, "is not a majoritarian institution, like the House of Representatives is.  It is a deliberative body, and it`s got a number of checks and balances built into our government.  The filibuster is one of those checks in which a majority cannot just sheerly force its will, even if they have a majority of votes in some cases.  That`s why there are things like filibusters, and other things that give minorities in the Senate some power to slow things up, to hold things up, and let things be aired properly."

The Democrats could make an excellent argument against Dobson using FOF's own words.  

Here's the transcript of the entire show
[Update] In the interest of accuracy, I have learned that Focus on the Family and Family Council Research are not the same thing. Because even the Fundies get them confused, Family Research Council has been nice enough to flesh out the differences. The following is from Family Research Council's FAQ page

Because FRC and Focus on the Family are both 501(c)(3) research and education organizations, we are limited in our legal ability to lobby. That is why FRC Action and Focus on the Family Action are needed. Both are 501(c)(4), education and lobbying organizations. Focus on the Family recently felt the need to create Focus on the Family Action so that Dr. Dobson himself could freely and legally lobby regarding the need to pass the Marriage Protection Amendment. However, unlike Focus Action (located in Colorado), FRC and FRC Action have a constant presence in Washington, D.C. Our staff includes a Government Affairs department that lobbies Congress and is in continual contact with the White House. FRC Action and Focus on the Family Action are working together to defend marriage, life, and other family values.

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