I, like many of you here and around the country, are watching something wonderful unfold today in Wisconsin. We all sit here at the edge of our seat, biting our nails, and fretting and hoping for the best possible outcome.

I don't live in Wisconsin, although I do have some family there (yes they have been peppered and are voting today!), but having donated time and some cash would like to feel that maybe I got a little cheese in my head. Not the whole thing mind you, maybe an ear..or two.

In any event for this out of state person, this is what today means for me.

I am awed by your tenacity badgers, I am floored by your resolve, and even if victory does not come your way today know this. You've done something that many of us across the nation, including myself, have taken notice of. You have proven that it is possible to fight big money and corporations. We might not always win the day, or the week, or the year. But you have proven that winning the war is possible when you have the right resolve.

It's inspiring.

You've inspired me back into the electoral process and with Occupy inspiring me to activism it means that here in Indiana I plan on working as hard as I can getting the better candidates the votes they need to win, even if that candidate isn't someone I totally agree with. For me that means organizing for GOTV efforts here in this state towards electing as many democrats as possible.

I'm not an idiot, I know that chances of turning Indiana into a progressive blue corn fest is a pipe dream...for now though. The democrat canidates here leave a progressive like me wanting quite a bit more from them. However the republicans around these parts scare the living hell out of me. So I know my pipe dream is a long time coming, what else do I know though?

We in this state have a good chance of grid locking the assembly again and getting a soft moderate democrat for governor. We have a good chance of holding the line in the House and getting a pick up in the Senate in DC. Things that will help the nation as a whole because right now the Right in this nation has declared war.

Winning this war, all of it, is going to be dependent on GOTV efforts. Getting people registered and getting people to the Polls.

Its why I'm getting involved and helping to organize this effort. Canvassing campuses and making sure people are registered. Canvasing everywhere I can. Knocking door to door. And when people say they are not registered?

Hey guess what future voter? I have a tablet PC, WiFi and Indiana can get you setup right now.

It's why in addition to getting people registered, we are softly talking about getting together voter transportation options. Trying to organize as many ways as possible to get people registered and to vote.

We know its a long shot here, but thank you Wisconsin. Because even if you lose this particular fight, a lot of us are recognizing the broader war and want to stand in solidarity with you on the front lines.

Wed Jun 06, 2012 at 6:42 AM PT: So Walker is still in office.....but the state senate is now taken. You badgers while unable to take offices so you could reverse the perversity of the Koch agenda have taken ground. You took ground int he senate and HELD THE LINE. You held that line despite being outspent by record proportions.

Now, just imagine what we all can do come November? An on season for youth vote, not a special election, and with republican opinion numbers still in the tank?

I see ripples...I see ripples that can turn into a tsunami. We just need everyone in the street making waves.

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