I have never been a huge fan of Ed Schultz. I cannot articulate my distaste for him as well as I can my distaste for Cenk Uygur, nor is it as strong, but this CERTAINLY adds to the pile. Big time.

TALKERS (always a tool):

Right and Left Come Together at the TALKERS New Media Seminar to Denounce the Practice of Organized Advertiser Boycotts.

They might not agree on many things but a love for the business of talk broadcasting and its role as a vehicle for the practice of the First Amendment can indeed make for strange political bedfellows.  In a rare display of unity, two of the highest-
profile and distinctly politically opposite talk show hosts in the business condemned the increased practice of organized advertiser boycotts by political organizations as a means of shutting down voices on radio and television with which they disagree....
Emphasis mine.

Yeah, I fucking disagree with Rush Limbaugh calling sandra Fluke a "slut" and a prostitute."
I fucking disagree with the son of a bitch saying he wants the President to fail.
You goddamn right I disagree with that.
but do I need to point out that some things go beyond simple disagreement?

Because what I REALLY disagree with is the cheapening of the discourse and the political balm handed out to the right wing by their dominance of corporate media.

I disagree with the public airwaves being used to give one political party their marching orders and to damage the other as much as possible.

I disagree with it big time.

Hannity‚Äôs remedy: Change the dial.  Schultz concurred.

Fuck both of y'all.

Here's the difference as I see it: Hannity is just putting the political meat out there.

Schultz, being the underdog, is simply worried about his OWN ass. He's afraid he might be next?:

"If we start attacking advertisers because of what somebody said, it's the wrong thing to do."

Which is the more contemptible position? I know what I think.

Hannity isn't selling out on jack shit. He doesn't have to. He sold out long ago.


Full sale.

Watch and listen as Schultz joins in Hannity's attack on Media Matters:

So: From one Ed in radio to another:

Fuck you, Schultz. Thoroughly and completely.

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