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This diary is for campaign strategy and tactics lovers. If you want to debate Obama, go somewhere else. Were just talking STRICTLY about political tactics and strategy.
Please don't go listing all your various policy grievances and don't load it down with what you think they want to hear. Just provide a straightforward assessment of how the campaign is being conducted.

Now please, do not confuse President Obama with the Obama Campaign. When we talk about the latter, we're talking about his organization of consultants and operatives in Chicago. They're the ones who make all the decisions about how things are being run. So you're not assessing the president or the many volunteers at ground level who are, for the most part, just obeying orders.

These staff persons who make the decisions for the Obama Campaign are very well paid for their services. And they usually get some extra milk out of the gig by offering contracted services on the side which is even more lucrative than the base salary.

Jim Messina
Running the organization is this man, Jim Messina. Messina is a long time centrist Washington Democratic operative, most notably as policy and politics man for Senator Max Baucus, the man who wrote our kickass generally unpopular healthcare law.

Now if you all have been reading me for the past few years, you know that I am not a fan of the Obama political staff. Perhaps that is putting it too mildly....I think they suck. The president has done a great job, by the way, as a performer. He's on the stump doing it like a candidate. But the stuff these folks are giving us is crap compared to what he got from his team in 2008, when Obama obviously had to the time to be more engaged in political management.

So, without further ado:

I gave you three out of seven.

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