Those of you who attended Netroots Nation on Sunday got to participate in a remarkable event, Darcy's keynote.

There have been other posts about her remarkable words.

This is not the first time Darcy has been a leader on Progressive issues:  in 2008 she organized a group of progressive Congressional candidates on the matter of war and peace.

Now Darcy needs our help.

She is running in two simultaneous primaries, for the unexpired term of Jay Inslee in the current 1st Congressional District of Washington, and for the term beginning in 2013 for the newly drawn 1st Congressional District.

Washington, like CA, has a top-two primary contest.  There is only one Republican, a real right-winger.  That person will almost certainly finish first, given the number of Democratic candidates.

For some reason the Democratic party, both within the state and for the DCCC, has chosen to back another candidate, one who can self-fund, but is not progressive.

The data from Survey USA is that Darcy is leading the Dems, and performs best against the Republican.

The state party is trying to crush Darcy.  I have heard from a high-ranking Democrat in the state that the party leadership is angry at Darcy.

Too often in districts that Democrats should be able to win the party mechanism backs candidates who are far from being strongest on Democratic values and issues.

Remember that Washington has voting by mail, and the ballots will be going out relatively soon, for primaries officially take place in August.

Darcy needs support to ensure she can get her message out.

Therefore I am asking all here to go to Darcy's website.  Take a look to see what she stands for, if for some reason you do not already know about her.

Then please, kick in some $$.  

Yeah, you may not be able to vote for her.  I can't, living as I do in Jim Moran's district in Virginia.  You may not be able to vote for her, but when elected she will speak for all of us.

Please support OUR progressive champion, Darcy Burner.


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