I'm going to keep this brief, but I feel this is necessary. Mitt Romney is going to be in NH tomorrow to do his usual stint of making an ass out of this country, and we need to show him that NH (and America as a whole) won't stand up for that crap. Here is the event page.

Scamman's Bittersweet Farm, 69 Portsmouth Avenue, Stratham 03885

Last Friday Romney said that there are too many fireman, policemen, and teachers and that he'd support more layoffs if elected President.

Romney will be speaking at Scamman Farm in Stratham THIS FRIDAY at 10:30 a.m. and it's up to us to ask him why he wants to cut the New Hampshire advantage, endanger our communities and weaken our schools.

His campaign claimed this week that "taxpayers really do want to hear that there will be fewer teachers". You and I both know that cutting back on these critical public servants will only mean larger class sizes and unsafe neighborhoods.

It's up to us to welcome Romney back to New Hampshire with the message that we're taxpayers, we support our public servants, and we don't want to see more cuts to our schools or police and fire departments!

We'll be setting up on Portsmouth Avenue/Route 108 at the entrance to the farm. Please contact Dan Justice at 603-623-7302 for more information

In just about every other industrialized country, somebody like Mitt would get laughed out of town. He needs to know that he's not welcome in NH. I'm sick of the austerity agenda, I'm sick of the fact that it's somehow OK to treat teachers like dirt. I'm sick of this used-car salesman pretending he "gets it" because he once used a trash bag for rain gear (probably because there wasn't a J Crew nearby)

Let's turn around this sick narrative that somehow we're going to be OK with this nonsense.

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