I'm looking for more information as this is breaking news.

multiple victims that were shot including an Oak Creek Police Officer and 3 to 4 other victims other reports are stating up to 8 victims. Suspect is still at large, white male, large build, white sleeveless tshirt last seen with 2 guns. Mutual aid has been called in from all juridictions including the Racine Fire Department. Med 11 was dispatched, perimeter has been set up around the area. All available officers and SWAT team members are to report immediately from that jurisdiction. Unknown if there are casualties or the extent of injuries to victims. This is breaking now and more information to follow as it becomes available.

9:35 AM PT: I'm still digging. Police from several agencies are on the scene and a Flight for Life helicopter has been dispatched.

9:37 AM PT: There are reports that an active shooter is still on scene.

The Temple involved:

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin

Inside the building is instruction for reading, writing and speaking of Punjabi language, with accommodations for visiting ragi jatha from India and from around the country.

As of 11:40 a.m., a public safety dispatcher said that there was no active shooter on the scene.  That shooter may be at a different location.
Witnesses told NBC station WTMJ of nearby Milwaukee that someone opened fire inside the temple.
Two shooters are possibly still inside with children as hostages, according to someone who sent a text message to a Journal Sentinel reporter.
10:22 AM PT: 10:25 AM PT: 10:30 AM PT: 10:59 AM PT:

11:06 AM PT: Here is a live feed if it doesn't embed there still should be a link:

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12:06 PM PT: All reports are now saying there is no longer a gunman/men. And they are counting causalities. Information will probably remain fluid for the next 48 hours so check sources carefully.

1:31 PM PT:

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