Welcome to The Hearth!!  New time and ever changing places to gather.

This is a friendly gathering and open house for House of LIGHTS group, friends, and our neighbors here at DailyKos.  It is a place where we learn more about each other, the very normal lives we lead, the moments of PTSD we encounter, and to share the support and encouragement with others that drop by.

Jump below the firefly's light path to enter...

Here is the current state of my back yard:

This was the year that I said - New Beginnings!  And I finally got to hiring someone to clear out the jungle that once was there.  It fell into neglect as my mother, weeder extraordinaire (but not a gardener), was ailing as she grew older and Parkinson's hit her thereby limiting her mobility, and then my years of caring for her.  Well.  These things happen.  And so a jungle grew.  It was, however a much loved area for nesting of many wildbirds - and every year I'd say - oh, I'm too late, I can't clear out now!  The cardinals and house wrens are nesting back there.  Or, I can hear the catbird feeding the babies - can't destroy their homes now!!!  endless procrastination....

But now!  New Beginnings.  What shall I do?  Build a Hearth?  I am seriously thinking of putting something in that space that will be inviting to humans and wild critters alike.  Oh, I love the planning.

From these thoughts of Hearths and blank canvases, it brought to mind the finale of Sunday in the Park with George by Stephen Sondheim:

White: a blank page or canvas... so many possibilities.
Any ideas???



For those of you joining us for the first time - some information about The House of LIGHTS:

House of LIGHTS (Loving Inspiration, Giving Hope To Survivors). A place for survivors of physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse, assaults, and bullying. A place for the people who support them. A quiet place for all voices to be heard. A safe place where we can learn to educate, support, and protect our children and each other.

In House of LIGHTS diaries we tell our stories, heal, support each other, and learn how to protect and empower our children.

LIGHTS: Loving inspiration, giving hope to survivors: LIGHTS.

We have a purpose: To heal ourselves, to speak for the victims, and to change our culture. The silence is over. We accomplish our goals one story at a time.

Everyone is welcome.

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