Has there ever been another group, in the nearly 2 1/2 centuries of our existence, who could be seen as more hypocritical, more ignorant, more clueless or more mean spiritied than today's Republican party? If there has, I'll be darned if I can name them.

Nope, today's Republicans have an absolute lock on being the worst of the worst, a dubious achievement of which they appear to take more than a little pride. Just look at their reaction to President Obama's just announced mini-Dream Act that suspends deportation action against young immigrants who have only ever lived in America but have no legal documentation allowing them to stay here. Many are high-achieving college students and graduates or are currently serving in the military, and are well on the way to becoming valuable and productive members of society.

Democrats across the country and at every level of City, State and Federal government are singing the praises of Obama's compassionate and thoughtful executive order. Republicans, even many who voted for the Dream Act in 2001 which provided the status of permanent residency (this act does not) to young immigrants who go on to higher education or serve in the military, are outraged by the audacity of Obama's insult to the will of the congress.

Let me see if I understand this correctly. This same party that has no problem obstructing the will of the president and the Democratic majority in the Senate by filibustering every bill or appointment that comes before them, thinks it's perfectly okay to stamp their feet and hold their breath the minute the President invokes his constitutional right (Article II Clause I) to issue an executive order? Seriously, guys, are you actually making this argument with a straight face?

In fact, how are you making any of your arguments with a straight face? What in your party's history right up through George Bush the First led you to believe that in 2012, you have a political mandate to suppress votes in as many states as you possibly can, roll back women's healthcare and employment rights to 1952, destroy the middle class, throw the poor, sick, disabled, elderly and children to the wolves, get rid of Medicare, Social Security, post offices, public schools, prisons, libraries and national parks and then privatize whatever's left? What focus group data told you that most Americans yearned for a religious jihad that would impose evangelical Chrisianity as our national religion even though the first ammendment of the Constitution expressly forbids it? How, in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary do you continue to promote the legitimacy of creationism and abstinence while denying that global warming exists?

It is the 21st Century and while neither party in our two-party system is a walk in the park, only the Republicans openly wear their willful stupidity, arrogant greed and rampant hypocrisy like a badge of honor. Now that the President has issued an executive order undemonizing young undocumented immigrants. I shudder to think of the petty viciousness about to be unleashed.

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