As many of you know, Congress is investigating the Department of Justice for things relating to a DOJ/BATFE operation involving drug cartels being given firearms, supposedly as a "sting." As can be expected, turning 2000 firearms over to drug cartels turned out to be a remarkably stupid decision if the stated goal was the actual intent. The political fallout in Congress has included charges of Contempt of Congress due to the DOJ refusing to comply with subpoenas. As the attorney general doesn't want to go to prison, he has decided that he will turn over the subpoena-ed documents.

Let's get some things out of the way. Darrell Issa's questionable morality does not mean anything. There is overwhelming evidence of DOJ misconduct that is far worse than anything that he's ever done. Dismissing that just because Issa is its face is purely political idiocy. The idiom "shooting the messenger" certainly covers that. Falsely conflating the Holder DOJ operation with a Gonzales DOJ operation is also unacceptable. There is one key difference between those: the Gonzales DOJ's operation was conducted with the knowledge, permission, and cooperation of the Mexican government, while the Holder DOJ's operation was conducted with none of them, and due to the absence of permission is an act of war under international law due to the fact that the US government armed an insurgent group.

If you want a rogue government agency to escape consequences after carrying out an act of war against Mexico, then you do not truly support the Obama administration.

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