I have not looked at Kos in several months.  But I see that little has changed and that it is electoral politics all day every day.  I just read an article about how the SCOTUS wil be destroying the New Deal and public education, etc. if we don't re-elect Obama.  Make no mistake.  I will vote a straight Democratic ticket because the Republicans are lying filth.  But the solution to this country's  woes does not exist in electoral politics.  We must amend our constitution to stop the top down campaign financing that destroys any hope of laws that provide for the common good.

That is what I do now.  I am retired and I have the time to do it. I am a ranking member of Occupy Tacoma (Wa.), and I (with like minded friends) founded "Move to Amend Tacoma".  We hosted the first Washington State convergence of Move to Amend in Tacoma even though the organization is but two months old.

I seek the convergence of the Coffee and the Tea parties along with Occupy, Public Citizen, Move to Amend and other political activist associations to bring about a constitutional amendment that insures honesty and accountability in campaigns for federal office.  I am not interested in mob rule democracy or direct democracy or a national referendum.  I am interested in a constitutional convention as a new institution of government that by supermajority of the citizenry can overrule the unelected Supreme Court with amendments that clarify the constitution with regard the General Welfare.  There is no other legitimate purpose for government but to promote the general welfare.

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