As I've watch the news today and have to ask myself, why are the Republicans going full-tilt after Holder now?  I mean, they have had Holder in their cross-hairs for some time, but why did Issa pull the trigger now?  Why today, of all days?  As I listen to Rachel Maddow, I think I know the answer.....  Follow me below the fold....

A few days ago, the Administration released a trove of declassified documents pointing directly to the events of 9-11, fully implicating the Bush administration in, at the very least, negligent homicide of 3000 of our fellow humans, by knowingly ignoring warnings about Al-Queda's attempt to Attack America.  These documents directly contradict the Bush era myth of pre-and post-9-11 America.

In light of these documents the criminal malfeasance of the Bush Administration and cronies are highlighted, writ large.  Cheney is proven to be a liar, at best, and criminally incompetent at worst.  

In the Republican need to protect the Bush Administration, and the down-stream Right Wing Evangelical cohesion, at all costs.  One could argue, based on the released documents that the administration CHOSE not to see, banking on a crisis to pacify Americans and allow the sacking of our government and country.  And though I wish Obama had charged Bush & Co., with war crimes and thrown away the key.... I have to think that in some ways, Obama was prescient not to pursue too quickly....  As the first black president, the target on his back is and was undeniable.  I'm afraid if he had pursued too quickly, we would be celebrating another president brought down by an assassin's bullet.

So,  basically, it appears to me that the Holder nonsense is timed to attempt to distract us all from the evil and incompetence of the Bush Administration.  And unfortunately it appears to be working

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