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In Minnesota, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) was never going to have a tough campaign. Her polling numbers are very strong and the MNGOP is in disarray. Its so bad for the MNGOP that they have been threatened with eviction from their headquarters, are having trouble raising money and have an ongoing (neverending?) sex scandal between the Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and her then Director of Communications Michael Brodkorb. Brodkorb was also the Deputy Party Chair (also former sleaze blogger in the flavor of Matt Drudge).

When the Ron Paul supporters took over the MNGOP, they endorsed a Paulbot, Kurt Bills, to run against Klobuchar. Rumors began to circulate that Bills was working on a campaign ad and Republicans who'd seen it didn't even like it.

In the pantheon of political campaigns, two ads leap to mind as possibly the worst two ever. First, Carly Fiorina's Demon Sheep ad. Secondly, Mike Gravel's ad in which he just stares into the camera for a minute before walking away.

Kurt Bills video is as bad as these two. Watch for yourselves ...

We've had indications that the Kurt Bills campaign against Sen. Amy Klobuchar is going to be a train wreck. But who could predict it might be this bad?

Within the first 30 seconds, some poor senior citizen hangs himself while ominous music meaninglessly throbs. By the 32 second, there's been a mullet sighting. Somehow, the guy who hanged himself is back from the dead?

Is Kurt Bills the pro-zombie candidate?

Who the ** cares about Riley Thomas when Bills tries to impersonate Rod Serling and fails. He's wooden enough and creepy enough, but is utterly lacking in any kind of cool demeanor that Serling radiated.

Compare it to Demon Sheep:

Compare it to Mike Gravel at his "graveliest":

Is it as bad or worse?

What others would you suggest?


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