The state, of course. We have several important elections coming up. I know that DailyKos has a specific Elections section that posts major updates, but I thought it might be worthwhile to write a series of diaries focusing specifically on elections in my state. So for fellow Washingtonians, I encourage you to fill the comments section of this with insights or local perspectives.

As you probably know, we have to big statewide elections, the US Senate seat and the race for the governor. Maria Cantwell, our current Democratic Senator who is running for re-election, seems to have her seat in the bags. She's held this seat for over a decade, and her opponent does not seem nearly as capable of mounting a serious campaign.

Instead, the big statewide election is the governor. Longtime Representative Jay Inslee has been taking a beating against Attorney General Rob McKenna, but it seems he's been doing better in recent polls. The reason, I believe, is because his grassroots campaign has taken a bit of time to pick up.

Meanwhile, we've got 10 congressional races. District 10, the new district, is our big chance for a pickup. At the same time, though, we've got to hold on to all our Democratic seats, two of which (districts 1 and 6) are now open as the incumbents are resigning and retiring, respectively.

Probably the most immediate matter is settling the democratic nominee for the 1st district race (my district). We currently have 5 candidates, while the Republicans have 2. Now one thing everyone should remember is that Washington does not have conventional primaries for the conventional races. Rather, it has a two round runoff election. That means that in the first round, everybody from all parties runs, and the top two fight it off in the second round. The result is that it's possible to end up having two teabaggers on the ballot in November for some of these races. That is why it's important to get the vote out in the August primaries and make sure that at least one Democrat ends up in the November ballot. This is particularly important for the first district, as party division might make us lose the seat and end up having two teabaggers on the ballot in November.

I'll continue to post as more updates on local elections occur. Again, I encourage fellow Washingtonians (and really, anyone interested in major races across the country) to bring up things they find interesting about these races in the comments section.

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