The State of South Carolina, in conjunction with AT&T, ALEC and all the State Senators and Representatives You Can Buy Present: Lack of Choice Theater!

This week's episode: No Municipal Broadband For You

Yes, the State of South Carolina has joined North Carolina in saying that cities and towns can't compete against broadband providers because it will prevent the providers from gouging their customers giving choice to their customers. There are quite a few areas in the state that still have providers that have an iron-grip monopoly that this would help. Looking at YOU Comporium Communications.

Makes me sad but this is no great surprise. The state is firmly in the grip of Republicants, Teabaggers and good old boys so there's no way something that may hurt a company's bottom line would pass. Another great argument for making lobbying and corporate "donations" illegal. Never happen but a boy can dream, right?

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