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Last Sunday night, dad, DeviousPie, and I returned from four weeks on the road. We visited Son 2 in LA, spent three weeks excavating in Hawai'i, and attended Son 1's wedding In Seattle on the way home. The wedding was absolutely perfect. Everything went off without a hitch, and the sun came out in time for the ceremony. The bride looked loved, and Son 2 gave a funny and touching toast. There was very little drinking and lots of dancing at the reception. Here you can see the bride and groom leaving the wedding.

The aftermath of the wedding is a whole different story. Dad and I drove home with the bride's parents. As we drove into the driveway, we saw the bride's sister waving her arms and saying that the bride's brother (D) had been arrested. D was driving Sons 2 and 3 home from the wedding. He was stopped by the Seattle police even though there was no probable cause. He was not weaving down the road or doing anything to suggest that he was impaired. The police officer asked D if he had been drinking. D is an honest young man and admitted that he had had one or two drinks early in the evening. With that, D was handcuffed and put in the back of the police car. He was not given a field sobriety test or anything. Son 2 thought that they were pulled over because they were three young men in suits out late on a Saturday evening. I suspect that there may have been an element of "driving while gay" as well, since D is openly gay and wears an earring.

Son 2, who was stone-cold sober, asked if he could drive the car home. The police said no; the car had to be towed and impounded. Sons 2 and 3 had to try to find a taxi home at 1 AM. D was taken downtown to the police station and given a breathalizer test. Of course, he passed. His parents then had to drive downtown and pick him up at 2 in the morning. I know that incidents like this happen to young men of color every day. However, this was the first time that my skin-cancer white, Irish-Italian sons experienced the darker side of law enforcement.

So what's your FP tonight. I am here to listen.

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