About a half-hour ago, I googled "Bain, abortion" to see how widely David Corn's Mother Jones piece was being reported.

As expected, there were reposts a-plenty on Dem blogs, along with some media re-pubs.

But there, on the first page of results, were some re-pubs I hadn't expected to encounter: a repost on FreeBlahblahblic. Curious, I clicked through to see how the residents of Htrae were reacting to Mr. Corn's story.

The results, I regret to report, are not pretty.

Surprisingly, the reposter there did not bury the lede or the real lede (that Romney's claims of having quit all things Bain in Feb. 99 were now in doubt), possibly because the excerpt posted was a direct lift from the Atlantic story about the Bain Unborn.

Just a quick drop and then the comments commenced.

Followed quickly by denials, accusations of posters being secret Obama supporters, secret babykillerlovers, secret whatever. It had a damn near cannibal vibe.

Some examples:

This is a stretch by anybody and David Corn is one of the nastiest liberals, which is saying a lot.

One wonders why you would choose to post a story like this here?

remember - these stories all have but one goal - to keep Obama in office.

I am not sure about this one, but there already have been some that are pure fabrication.

read them carefully and check them out every way possible

There are more folks than anybody should be comfortable with who have some involvement in abortion ~ but making money off the dead bodies is in a whole 'nuther category of "discomfort".
Time for the Republicans to get their stuff in one pile and get a candidate, and it ain't this guy.
I would also like to point out that while I personally would not be involved in assisting abortionists by disposing of the bodies, doing so it at least an order of magnitude less immoral than actually killing living babies.
Welcome to Obama-Biden through Jan 2017.

The country WILL not survive.

Maybe you’d rather welcome back Jimmy Carter.

Look, us Conservatives lost the primaries.

At this point, he could eat baby on live TV and I’d still vote for him just to get rid of that commie impostor sitting in the White House!

Well the good news is that we are all abortionists now.

Thank God McCain / Palin didnt’ win!!

“At this point, he could eat baby on live TV and I’d still vote for him just to get rid of that commie impostor sitting in the White House!”

Then, what’s the point of life?

He was way over the line of anything that's acceptable.

There go the Catholic voters. I think that drops his possible vote total down into the low 30 millions ~ maybe less.

It goes on.

I'm not sure what to make of this, as I'm not a frequent habitue of the place, but I'm wondering if this story could really cause a deep schism in the 'Pub base between the stop-the-baby-killing crowd and the anything-to-defeat-the-socialist-muslim bunch.

Oh, I know. There have been as many "purity"/"pragmatic" wars on the other side as we enjoy (or not) here.

But I do wonder if a fault has opened in the territory on the Right side of the map which portends much more trembling and tower-tumbling ahead. Time, I suppose, will tell.

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