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ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — More than 100 raucous protesters heckled police officers Tuesday for fatally shooting two suspects in separate incidents over the weekend, including an unarmed man running from officers.

"Shame on you," the crowd shouted as motorcycle officers rode by.

Police stepped up patrols and some donned riot gear outside City Hall on the fourth consecutive night of protests. The building was packed with people trying to get inside where the City Council was expected to discuss a spike in shootings by officers this year.

7:45 PM PT: Apparently protesters are holding an intersection. I'm waiting/searching for verification on this tweet..


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11:42 PM PT: Sorry I'm not saying much I'm trying to keep up to the news coming in and it appears there are scattered groups of protesters and groups of police the police are reportedly firing randomly into the crowd  Beanbag rounds and pepper balls as well as other projectile weapons. Windows in at least one Starbucks have been broken out. Several dumpsters have been set on fire. Also several news vehicles have had their windows shattered buy police firing at them. There have been multiple injuries  shown via cell phone camera of wounds from these "non-lethal" projectiles. Every injury I have seen an image of is in the back of the body. Ranging everywhere from calves to heads.

Historically the Hispanic population in Anaheim are in the service industry. I wonder if the strike at the Hyatt is influencing tensions there. Orange county "values" include violently rabid anti-unionism.

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