What is a Thunderclap?

If a tweet falls in the forest...

Social media is an easy way to say something, but it’s a difficult way to be heard. Thunderclap is the first-ever crowdspeaking platform that helps users be heard by saying something together. It allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, that rises above the noise of your social networks. By boosting the signal at the same time, Thunderclap helps a single person create action and change like never before.

What message are we trying to blast?
Congress is voting on the new Farm Bill on Wednesday, July 10th, and Republicans have drafted a bill that will reduce Food Stamp assistance by $16 BILLION, which would be extremely detrimental to families and to our economy!

While our nation still reels from the economic crisis brought on by Republican fiscal policies that saw millions of jobs being lost, the middle class being decimated, and a nearly unprecedented rise in poverty rates, our elected Representatives in the United States Senate have already voted to reduce funding in the Farm Bill for the only source of sustenance for millions of impoverished Americans.

Trimming back on eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, as food stamps are called, would save $4 billion over the decade. Republicans are pushing to reduce that even more. ...

"Is the benefit going to the right people? Is the money being expended wisely?" questioned Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who has led efforts to change the program, during a recent Senate speech. "Is it encouraging people to look for ways to be productive and be responsible for their families? Or does it create dependency on a series of government programs?"

Senator Sessions, that question is offensive. It's especially offensive when you recognize that a significant number of Americans who rely on Food Stamps to feed their families, are working full-time but are not being paid enough by their employers to survive on. So of course the benefit isn't going to "the right people," or being "spent wisely," because it's going to line the pockets of billionaires and their billion-dollar corporations!
You can read the rest of this post on our site, here.

We have to let our Representatives in the House know our feelings on this critical issue facing families all across America before they vote. That's why we set up a "Thunderclap" that will help us reach thousands of people (maybe even tens of thousands), which we will need to do if we ever hope to change the narrative on this.

We need our legislators to fight for families, not the Sugar Industry, and the only way to get them to do that is to make ourselves heard. And this is an incredible opportunity The Winning Words Project—and by extension, all of us!—has been granted by the Thunderclap folks (it's a new venture and right now Thunderclaps are by invitation and must go through an approval process—we feel so honored that they think our message is worthy of blasting!).

So will you please, please go to our Thunderclap page and click Support, then share through all your social media?

Thank you so very much!

Originally posted to jillwklausen on Fri Jul 06, 2012 at 09:23 AM PDT.

Also republished by Income Inequality Kos.

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